Who You Were, Who You Are and Who You Will Be


I enjoy watching people stretch themselves out of their comfort zone. I appreciate it when someone believes in something and carries on against all odds, demonstrating grit and determination. When I read the following quote, I published it on ALL of my social media platforms: “Who you were yesterday, who you are today and who you will be tomorrow are 3 different people.” THIS however, requires you to allow that change to happen. It means that you challenge yourself. It means that you grow from failure and it insinuates that rejection is just another notch in your belt of drivers toward the next ‘yes’.

Here’s how I see it: you can go to work, clock in, work the ‘grind’, collect your paycheque and be done with it. OR, you can rise and shine, and I mean, really shine. But how do you go from banging your head against the wall to being someone who LOVES what they do?

1. Love the leader: When the person at the helm inspires you with their words, their actions and their ideas, it’s easy to not only want to go to work but to go the extra mile. I don’t care if you’re a barista, a janitor, an administrative assistant, a business consultant or a CEO. The person that is the driving force behind the company guides the mission, the vision and the passion of the team. Most mornings, I usually start with a 1 hour chat while walking with our founder and have brilliant conversations. Sometimes, we’ll touch base with a quick meeting or over lunch. We connect on hours and off hours. The key is, rather than rolling my eyes when the text, the email or the call comes in, my face lights up because I know it’s likely a call which includes a new concept, a challenge or a congratulations. The right kind of leader impacts the entire company from the top down. When you feel like one of your goals is to bring success to the company and the person at the helm, you know you’re exactly where you should be. Find that spot.

2. Find solutions: There will ALWAYS be problems. I capped that because it’s inevitable. If there’s a day of complete smooth sailing that raises a red flag; not enough people are using your service or product for you to hear about something that could be better or some little bug that requires a fix. The point here is if you’re unhappy and unmotivated, you’ll take every single problem and focus on it. You’ll go home and complain to your significant other or whoever will listen about how everything is going wrong at work. Why can’t they get it together? Why can’t they find the solutions needed to make your day to day easier? On the flip side, when you’re working and you’re inspired, you’ll be solution driven. If a policy, process or procedure requires fixing, you’ll take the reigns or participate in finding the answer. You’ll go home feeling like you’ve made a difference, a tangible difference. What’s even more, you’ll grow from that experience.

3. Learn from everyone around you: I’ve been on journey of self discovery for the past 4 years. Circa 2012 I was in a dizzying spell of ‘staying the same’. I’d hit the proverbial brick wall and felt like there was nothing more to achieve. Making the move to a new company and spreading my wings as far as I possibly could drew out more opportunities than I can count. What got me from that brick wall to the road of endless possibilities? I’ve taken on tasks that I would never have touched with a 10 foot pole in the past. The difference is, I take on any challenge, I get educated and I do my best to get it done right. That means learning and pulling from my networks’ strengths. Where I’m weak (and knowing where you’re weak is essential), I find knowledge and experience wherever I can. I don’t shy away from emailing or calling someone and asking for advice. Odds are, their help will be the difference between my success or my failure.

Find something that drives you to move forward in ways you never thought possible and see what happens! I guarantee you will be grateful for taking the leap and moving from what you were to what you are and ultimately to who you can and should be.

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