Travelling for Business? Here’s How I Maximize My Time

traveling-1024x463 (1)Recently, I made a transition to StaffStat and my new position does require some time away from home. I love what I do, I love the solution this software brings to a major pain point for the long term care sector and I love the team I get to work with.

While away from home I need to ensure I am in top form as we bulk up our time away with meetings that bring huge potential. I find I can get so much done while working remotely and I make sure to maximize every minute of my time away from the office and from my family. Time is valuable and every business trip must be fruitful.

Here are some ways I maximize my time and bring my best while away for work:

  1. Eat well and maintain my exercise routine. While away I always bring snacks that are sustaining and those that are a healthy option for a quick bite on the go. My co-workers tend to chuckle and give me an eye roll when I break out the almonds, bananas and coconut water. If you feel and look great then you will always bring your best self. Most hotels typically have a gym that I can sneak away to for a quick workout.
  1. Schedule as many meetings as possible. Maximize every minute of your time away; schedule meetings with potential clients and check in on current ones. You have a very small window of opportunity to make an impact so ensure you use every minute to its full capacity. Also, be prepared for the unexpected; everyone you meet could learn about your company, who you are and what you do. There are many opportunities to continue networking after your 9 to 5 day is done.
  1. Bring your office with you. If you plan and pack well, you have the ability to conduct business from anywhere. Bring along your smart phone or laptop and Wifi hub so you can respond to emails and complete tasks in between meetings from anywhere!
  1. Work, work, work. While away on business I catch up on my blog writing, seek out potential connections and beef up my social media profiles. I am always busy when at home and being away allows for some time to catch up and get a head start on projects that I normally wouldn’t have time for. This also allows for more family time upon my return.

For some people working remotely can feel like a disadvantage. Using all of the above tips has been positive so far and brings a huge return on my investment of time.



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