So, What’s Next?

imageYou’ve gone through the interview process, you’ve provided all of the documentation that the organization requires, and you’ve come out successful. Now what? You’ve sold yourself to the company with your words, but how will you follow through as an employee of the company?

1. Know your expectations.
Although this should be something that you’re aware of prior to applying for the position, it’s crucial that you understand what is expected of you as an employee once you are hired. Are you expected to work a certain amount of hours / shifts per week? Is additional training required? Is training paid for by the employer or out-of-pocket by the employee? Are you able to meet the expectations that they have outlined?

2. Understand and follow policies.
In my experience as a Recruiter, I’ve run into problems with staff not fully understanding what a policy means, even though they have signed off on agreements stating that they do. Reviewing and discussing policies and procedures is one of the lengthiest and most important parts of the initial recruitment process in most organizations; at least it is at Plan A! Policies can be wordy, resulting in confusion. While the recruiter is reviewing the policies with you, ask questions if you are unsure of what they mean. If after the review you are still unclear of what a policy means, don’t be afraid to call or email the office for additional clarification. Another suggestion I like to give those looking for employment is to ask for a copy of the organization’s policy and procedure manual to keep on hand. That way you can refer back to it if you have any questions!

3. Stay in the loop.
If the organization expects training to be completed or updated annually, stay on top of it! Most organizations have their Secretary or Administrative Assistant follow up with their employees annually to remind them to update their documentation, but make it a priority yourself. Make notes in your phone or on your calendar to keep track of when your documentation needs to be updated to stay organized!

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