4 (Non-Social Media) Marketing Strategies

Almost every business owner is trying to ramp up their brand’s awareness to increase sales. Social media has become the obvious strategy for a variety of reasons—low cost, ease of use, great ROI, etcetera.  With an increasingly large number of businesses posting content every minute, it’s very possible for your marketing campaigns to get lost in the shuffle. So, what else can your business to do gain traction in the market? Below are 4 non-social marketing strategies for you to consider:

  1. Trade shows: What better way to get your brand in front of the decision makers in your target market than attending a trade show? Being an exhibitor can provide you with an abundance of opportunities to demonstrate your product or service, let your team’s personality shine, meet C level executives, and network, network, network. If you’re considering attending a trade show to up your marketing game, make sure to give it everything you’ve got! Plan ahead, make sure your team is speaking the same lingo, spend the money necessary for your space to stand out, and be sure to consider the small details such as technology, swag, and giveaways. For swag/giveaway ideas, check out this post!
  2. Speaking Engagements: If you consider yourself an “expert” on a particular topic that aligns with your industry why not spread the wisdom to others? Be careful not to turn your speech into a pitch. Instead, incorporate a brief background about your business as a starting point, or relate it to your topic in some way but ensure it is not the focal point. A great speech can really excite and influence others, and help build relationships and credibility around your brand.
  3. Blog/Blogging Contributions: I have said it before and I will say it again: blogs are a great platform to increase brand awareness, share your vision and values, position you as an expert, and generate leads. Create your own blog and write about topics that you are familiar with: your brand, your vision, your team, “behind the scenes” looks, and more. If you don’t want to tackle creating your own blog, consider contributing posts to other blogging websites that are relevant to your industry and can provide your brand with increased exposure.
  4. Press Releases: Your brand’s visibility can increase with powerful publicity. Almost any well-written press release can be turned into a newsworthy story, so try writing one! If you’re uncomfortable with writing your own release, look at the possibility of hiring/contracting an individual with a Public Relations background and expertise. Not sure what to write about? Consider any of the following: introducing a new product, celebrating an anniversary, receiving an award, announcing an expansion, sponsoring an event, announcing a partnership, etcetera.

Try using one or more of the above strategies to find out what works for best for your business! Good luck!


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