Proud Mommy Moment!

“If you don’t ask the answer will always be no.” 

How many times have you heard this statement? If you haven’t then I am happy you are reading my blog post today. I had heard this statement quite some time ago, however, it’s just over the past few years that I have come to learn how true it really is.

I have found that when you do push yourself outside of your comfort zone and ask questions you normally wouldn’t, magic happens!

Today, I have to share a story that made me so proud. Recently, my youngest daughter had a question about her bus route. Her current bus transports children to two schools, her school and another school in very close proximity. Every morning, the bus passed right in front of her school and dropped off students at the other school then back tracked to drop off herself and other students at her school.

Her concern was valid: “Why pass my school, drop off at the other school and then go back to drop me off and then I am late?!” She is fortunate enough to dance with girls who know people (their mom) who can make changes within the bus routes. She told her dance friends about her bus route problem hoping the message would get to their mom who had the authority to make changes. She crossed her fingers and was wishful every day as her bus continued to pass her school. She was patient and persistent and kept asking. Soon enough her efforts paid off! Our fellow dance mom who is also in control of bus routes looked into the concern, noticed the inefficiency and moved our daughter’s request forward! Soon enough, Ava’s request was pushed through and the day her bus dropped her off first felt like magic to her.

She did not realize how BIG this moment was; she was simply excited to get dropped off first and not be late for school! We thanked our fellow dance mom profusely as this was a huge win and important learning opportunity for our daughter. Two messages that will serve her well in life were learned from this experience. Firstly, if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no and secondly, persistence, kindness and patience certainly pays off!

I was so proud of her and have been continuously praising her efforts and opening her eyes to the bigger picture and the change she made, not only for herself but for her fellow students and the driver who now saves a little time on his route. Her older sister now says: “Ava should be Mayor one day!”

I have experienced this “magic” myself, in situations I may not have pushed for in earlier years of my life. Now that I have learned the value in asking a question, raising my hand when I have a concern, bringing forth a discrepancy or inefficiency I utilize every opportunity I can to practice this right. In earlier years I may have sat back and not said anything in fear of being told no or feeling inferior; however, a few years ago I promised myself that my opinion is valuable, my input is valuable and my question can potentially bring forth some magic! The worst thing that someone can say to me is no; and if I didn’t ask the answer would have been no anyways!
I am beyond proud to witness these moments in my daughters’ lives and will continue to encourage them to push for change and bring forth their valid concerns. The moral of my story is to always ask, always push for what you believe in and set an example for those little people who are likely watching every move you make.

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