2 Ways to Avoid Product Confusion


What’s the biggest misconception people have about our product? The answer is pretty simple. The minute I get anyone to set their eyes on StaffStat, the first thing I say is: This is not scheduling software. It’s shift filling software. Whether we’re providing demos at a conference, meeting with a potential corporate client or giving a presentation remotely, it clears the air. When we cold call, prospects tend to tell us that they already have scheduling software, to which we respond with the bolded line up above. My goal with this post is to get other entrepreneurs thinking about what the biggest misconception about their product is and how to remedy it.

First, your marketing really needs to amplify what you do and not confuse your customers. What service/solution/product are you providing and what problem will it solve on their end? That’s the bulk of your marketing. Keep it simple, keep it clean. It doesn’t need to be wordy and it doesn’t need to be fancy. We used to use “Staffing Revolutionized” as our tagline. This led to much of the initial confusion with our product. Our new tagline: “Filling Shifts in Seconds” hits our target demographic in a way that they understand immediately the pain point we’re trying to abolish.

Right now, in health care and across many sectors, when someone calls in sick, schedulers are tasked with calling down a list manually. Throw that scenario in a unionized environment and the problem only grows. We spoke to an organization today that admitted that it could take up to a few hours to fill ONE shift. So, what are WE doing about that? We’re helping customers fill shifts in SECONDS. Our system blasts it to every single available staff, generates a pool of willing respondents and allows the scheduler to assign according to their rules.  Once we realized that this is what the customers needed to know immediately, we polluted our social media, website and this blog with that very message: “Filling Shifts in Seconds”. That’s what we do and when considering what you do, break it down and help to lift the veil of confusion felt by your prospects.

Second, get the misconception out of the way, right away. Like I said earlier, my first line clarifies what we are not and what we are. Whether it’s an email, a call or live in person, it’s ALWAYS my first line. I usually get a “oh, ok…” and an interested listener rather than a million questions about what our product can and can’t do. Find out the biggest misconception about your product and answer to that immediately. Don’t let a demo drag on as the person you’re presenting to is left wondering and not really paying attention.

As a rule of thumb, I write down any questions I get while presenting our product. If some of those questions become repetitive, I make a mental note to answer those questions before I even begin in a way that leaves our future prospects’ minds free to really hear what I’m saying.

We continue to work toward clarifying the biggest misconception surrounding our software and service. The key, at least according to this gal, is KNOWING what that is and fixing the problem in the very first sentence I utter once we get the ‘show’ under way!


One thought on “2 Ways to Avoid Product Confusion

  1. Timely message! I was just thinking about my marketing for Multi Menu Pet Food, promoting that we are an ONLINE business (no storefront) and that we home deliver. The biggest question I get when meeting potential customers face-to-face is “Where are you located?”


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