Building a Sense of Urgency


I am one of those people that responds to EVERYTHING with a complete sense of urgency. Whether it is responding to a customer’s concern, a request for help, an email, a text message, or a phone call, I treat every request brought my way as a priority; I want to ensure those around me understand that I take their request seriously and value their response in return.

Problem is, I have grown to have the same expectation from others when I have a request. I have learned to adjust my expectations as not everyone responds with the same level of urgency.

I believe a strong sense of urgency allows me to attack my goals with purpose and get things done with thought and in an efficient matter. I also believe that sense of urgency is created from within. Below I share what I believe are the necessary ingredients to create a strong sense of urgency including a respect for deadlines, a certain level of discipline, optimism and a proactive approach.

Respect for deadlines. Everyone you encounter has a request that has a deadline, whether that deadline is strict or not. Time is valuable and I believe there is etiquette with respect to response times. If you cannot respond to the inquiry or request in a timely manner it is important to advise the person you are dealing with and provide a timeframe for when they can expect your response.

Discipline is an ultra important trait; it keeps you focused and on task regardless of distractions, frustrations or obstacles. Discipline will keep you on track, progressing towards and accomplishing goals. The focus that comes with a disciplined mind set will help you achieve more in a day. Responding quickly to tasks and completing them with efficiency allows for more daily accomplishments and productivity.

Optimism will help in those moments you need motivation to push through difficulties. When you take a request seriously and tend to it in an urgent manner the receiver is pleased and will develop trust which in turn will lead to an increase in the likelihood of a maintained business relationship.

Proactive approach. When you are proactive you are consistently thinking and acting a few steps ahead to determine tasks that need to be done. Questions you can ask yourself: What now? What else could I do? What’s my next step? Think ahead to projects or events that are upcoming and create your plan of attack.

Thinking on your feet and experiencing a little pressure can stimulate creativity when it comes to problem solving. A little pressure is healthy, however, be sure to set limits so others respect the value of your time and personal space.

I encourage everyone to try it; take a proactive and disciplined approach when it comes to your daily tasks and I am sure you will see an increase in your productivity.


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