5 Ways to Manage Your Brand’s Online Reputation

sentiment.jpgDid you know that more than 80% of individuals conduct some type of research prior to purchasing a product or service? People want to read honest reviews, learn more about the brand, and rationalize their potential purchase. Because of this, businesses and companies alike are trying to ramp up their online presence to appear at the top of search results. So, how do you ensure that the results viewers see are positive? Use these following tips:

  1. Start blogging! A company blog is a great way to create positive results in search engines and drive more traffic to your website or social media accounts. Additionally, blogs can help grow your brand following and eventually increase loyalty among consumers. For a list of blog ideas, click here.
  2. Keep your website & social media up to date. If potential customers are seeking information about your brand, it’s important that they are receiving the most accurate information possible. Personally speaking, I am often deterred from making a purchase if I cannot find relevant information, reviews, or if the website has a dated feeling to it. Try adding a biography to your social media accounts and website to increase your legitimacy. Insert blurbs about your employees on your website to give viewers fuller insight of your brand’s vision and culture.
  3. Integrate your employees’ personal brands with your company’s brand. Prospective customers and future job candidates will feel like they know your team on a personal level if you allow your own employees to let their own personalities shine on a regular basis. Have your employees comment, like and share your brand’s content and  let them interact with the public from professional profiles, such as LinkedIn.
  4. Monitor reviews. Traditionally, whenever an individual encounters good or bad service, their first instinct is to tell others. With the internet basically at everyone’s fingertips, it’s even easier to create a review in seconds. Search for reviews everywhere: popular review websites, social media, your company’s website,  etcetera. Reply to negative reviews online and make things right; this will show others that you genuinely care about your customers and their comments. Encourage feedback in any way you can: set up a sign in your space displaying links to your social media accounts, create contests asking for reviews, or offer a discount on a future sale for an honest review.
  5. Share (almost) everything! If you’re featured in your local newspaper, post it to all of your social media accounts and your website! If you receive a great compliment or testimonial, share, share, share! If you and your team are attending an event, build the hype and continue with the same energy at the actual event. Post pictures, use event-specific hashtags, Tweet others, and get your brand noticed.

One last piece of advice: be sure to always, always, always stay positive when representing your brand—on and offline.


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