A Customer is Never Just a Customer…1/4

My birthday is just a few days away… It’s on Friday to be exact.  I’m not one to say no to a gift but I’m wise enough to know that sometimes gifts don’t come in a box wrapped with a pretty bow. What follows is the first of 4 stories that confirm the greatest gifts I received last year; our customers.

Elmira District Community Living

I first got to meet EDCL’s Management Team while giving them an online demo in the Spring of 2015. Laurie and Greg paid attention, asked thoughtful questions and confirmed interest. I pursued them via email and telephone for a few months and when the stars aligned, I got to head down to South Western Ontario for a meeting. It was impromptu and I offered to drive the 5 and half hours to put a face to the name they would get to know over the course of the following year.

Our first face to face included Laurie Thomson and a group of Managers from the organization. I walked them through how to use the system, step by step, answering any questions. Whenever we give a demo to someone and our automated phone call rings for them to answer, they light up. These are the people who are used to calling down the list when the dreaded sick call comes in. They have to dial the phone, plead, leave messages, juggle schedules and hope that someone can come in to help out for the day. They dial that phone, one number at a time, wasting precious time. Those very same people just got to watch me click on a few boxes and light up ALL phones simultaneously. Imagine the relief of walking into a sick call and just plugging in a few tidbits, collecting a list of people who are interested in helping and assigning the shift? It gets them every single time and I’m no exception! Their excitement is all I need to remind myself of what it is we’re doing as a company – bringing a tangible solution to a major pain point.

One month later, we received the signed agreement and the organization assigned a project manager. We worked together through the implementation process, the onboarding of staff and training. They started to use our product and anytime a question came in, we answered it immediately. If any of their staff had questions, we answered them immediately. EDCL has now been using StaffStat for almost one year. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Laurie and her team frequently and Greg Bechard, their Executive Director, never shies away from confirming the benefits of using our service.

Since that time, here’s what I’ve come to know:
EDCL is not a customer, they’re a partner. They champion our software everywhere they go. They’ve referred our services and were actually the first to benefit from our referral program. They talk about us with other local agencies which leads to additional potential customers. They’ve added our logo to their website and they’ve been featured in an article via Tom Little’s Big Ideas for Non Profits discussing our product. They’ve provided us with a list of tradeshows we should attend. They’ve allowed us to use their logo, their testimonials and they’re a source of reference for our services. Calling them a gift is an understatement. They’ve been a joy to work with and this blog post serves as my official ‘Thank You’ for everything they’ve represented to me over the course of the last year: a forward thinking organization that is caring and true to the core of their vision and mission.

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful organization, click here: http://www.elmiradcl.com/

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