Customer Service… It Isn’t Just a Department

We all have at least one story; a story of a customer service experience that was outstanding or one that still has you astonished. If you don’t have a story, I am sure you have heard one. Many people share their experiences with friends and family, and some share those experiences on review sites for public viewing and knowledge.

If you ask any business owner I am sure exceptional customer service is a top priority on their list of skills when hiring new staff. When employees take care of customers, business tends to take care of itself. I recall learning the value in providing great customer service early in life while working part time in retail until I graduated university. I continued to work on these skills well into my career and I have learned that many characteristics are needed to provide exceptional service to your customers.

Today, I will share 4 characteristics I found to be of importance and believe all employees who handle customers should possess.

1. Patience. Employees who provide customer support should possess a great deal of patience. Clients or customers who reach out with inquires are sometimes frustrated or confused. Hence, the reason they have reached out for support. Employees should have the ability to de-escalate a client or customer’s problem, which in turn will validate their trust in your business.

2. Clear Communication Skills. The ability to communicate in a clear, concise manner is key. It is so important that all employees speak the same language and all have a clear understanding of customer service policies and procedures. This will ensure that customers are not misled and will avoid all miscommunication. When a customer is misled or misunderstood they will likely not return for service in the future.

3. Knowledge. When employees have full knowledge of the service or product they are promoting they can share this knowledge with customers. In addition, they will be prepared for customer questions, and any confusion and/or frustration that arises. Giving employees full knowledge and access to training and education will increase their confidence, thus increasing their ability to provide exceptional service.

4. A Calm Demeanor. A calm demeanor is a great trait to possess; approaching a situation or event in a manner that can calm everyone else in the situation is very helpful. A calm voice with strong product knowledge can provide an effective and efficient solution to a customer who poses a concern.

Of course, these are just a few characteristics of employees who possess great customer service skills. Such employees will take care of customers, ensuring their needs are met and they keep returning. When a customer has a great experience they will always return. However, when they have a poor experience they will likely share that with others which will spread like wild fire. Hire smart and arm those employees with the best knowledge and service delivery and your business will take care of itself!




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