StaffStat…49 Days In!

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Recently, I was given the opportunity to join the StaffStat team as a Solution Sales Specialist. I jumped at the chance to take on something I had never done before and learn from the best. I now have the opportunity to bring a solution to long term care and the opportunity to meet an abundance of amazing people to whom I can present our product? This barely feels like work.

While working at Plan A, I was able to utilize the tool that I am now selling and quickly see the value in StaffStat. Soon into my role I realized that StaffStat is ultra efficient and eliminates the mundane task of calling down lists of staff when filling shifts. I also learned that there was no way I could happily do my job without having StaffStat in my back pocket. Needless to say, I knew the pain point which this product solved and the potential it had within the long term care sector.

As the Director of Plan A, the feeling of filling shifts without having to pick up the phone never lost its luster. I was simply notified with a couple of iPhone notifications that a shift was posted and subsequently covered. Plan A fills hundreds of shifts per month within the long term care sector and they do not even employ a scheduler; StaffStat does all the work!

I knew StaffStat was a gift and when the chance became available to work with the product and share it within our sector, I knew I had to take it. Now that I have been in my new role as a Solution Sales Specialist for almost two full months I have had the opportunity to prospect, meet with, demo to and talk to people that understand and quickly see the value in our product.

Since my start, I have gained two new customers and the mutual excitement over our product is infectious. I have always fostered relationships and made customer service a top priority but with StaffStat it’s just effortless. Every conversation with my customers re-invigorates me and validates the worth of our product.

With the ease of use of StaffStat our customers are now seeing hard savings, time savings, happier schedulers, and more engaged staff. It is a win/win every time. I cannot wait to see what the coming days bring!



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