7 “Must-follow” Twitter Accounts


Are you new to Twitter with a small following or bored of the content populating on your feed? Being a Marketing Manager and spending a lot of my working day on social media, I have stumbled upon a magnitude of interesting accounts. Below are the seven Twitter users I think everyone should follow:

  1. @Entrepreneur: You may recognize this account as that of the official popular North American business magazine and website, Entrepreneur. This account posts links to articles multiple times a day, with topics covering growth, marketing, productivity, leadership, technology and more. This account is sure to deliver subject matter on any business matter that intrigues you the most.
  2. @EntrepreneurInspire: A section of @Entrepreneur, @EntrepreneurInspire tweets motivational content daily; from popular quotes to stories of success, this account is sure to give you a positive boost in your day.
  3. @WomenEnt: Another division of the @Entrepreneur family, @WomenEnt inspires, informs and celebrates female entrepreneurs globally. Filled with quotes, tips, vlogs, polls and more, this account is great for everyone, from young professionals to top level execs.
  4. @Inc.: A very popular North American business magazine, Inc. focuses on company growth. The website contains a vast array of business topics available for your perusal that can help you start and/or grow your business. Topics include start-up, growth, leadership, innovation, technology and more. The official Inc. Twitter account continuously posts throughout the day, so your news feed will be filled with great content in no time at all!
  5. @FastCompany: Fast Company is a North American business magazine published in print and digital that focuses on business, technology and design. The @FastCompany Twitter account posts links to their content and their writers’ personal accounts and regularly shares content from other business news websites. I personally spend a few minutes a day on this account learning about global business matters; many articles only take a few minutes to read, so it’s a great tool to get yourself caught up on the latest trends.
  6. @Addictd2Success.com: Addicted2Success is a website featuring the most inspiring and motivating stories, lists, how-to’s, quotes and more to help you in both your personal and professional life. This account regularly posts great, inspiring content, so your feed will always be populated with a little bit of positivity.
  7. @TEDTalks: I’m sure almost everyone has heard of TED, the non-profit organization committed to spreading ideas in the form of short talks, covering topics on technology, entertainment, and design. So, why not follow TED on Twitter to absorb as much information as possible and perhaps learn a few new things?

I hope this list provides you with some great, new users to follow to help liven up your feed!


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