A Customer is Never JUST a Customer – Part 3/4


If you sell a product, odds are you only have one stream of customers; the individual who buys what you’re selling. With a service like StaffStat, our customer buys the product and their staff become our users. This ultimately translates to the end users being another subset of customers. When they need to reset their password or require more information on our app, they typically contact StaffStat directly. This makes every single user one of our customers and, while the person who’s buying in is their employer, their love for the product and our relationship with them is a key element in our success. For your end of the week reading pleasure, I give you; A Customer is never JUST a customer… Part 3 of 4:

Our Users

When StaffStat was initially conceptualized, it was meant to be a trade secret for the North’s first and largest health care staffing agency; Plan A. We understood what calling down the list meant and that’s exactly why we looked for a solution to our massive pain point. When you can’t find what you’re looking for what can you do? Build it! And that’s exactly what we did.

There’s definitely a learning curve when innovation is introduced as a way to automate a tedious process. In house, we felt the immediate relief when we started to use StaffStat. We knew that we could now focus on our clients, our HR processes, our procedures and what I refer to as ‘flow’. We got off the phone and we became seamless, efficient and all in all, a well-oiled machine.

Back to my point, this new way of doing things also meant putting our Plan A staff through the test. They would be our first users. They would be the first to teach us if our solution worked, how it worked and how we could make it better. They would help us navigate our very first implementation. They would teach us to look at the intricacies of our product. They would test our customer service capabilities. At the end of the day, what they really did was rally around our product and help elevate it to that infamous 2.0 level. Most of the staff at Plan A work at the hospital or other Long Term Care homes as a primary source of employment. They championed our product everywhere they went. They stated directly and on social media, time and time again that our product should make its way to our local hospital and that Long Term Care needed this product in house.

If it wasn’t for our first batch of users, we never would have understood what it was we had in our hands. While using StaffStat is an easy sell to the employer, it wasn’t until we received feedback from the end user of our product that we really got it. They loved it! They were able to respond how they wanted to respond. If they dodged the phone, they could opt into receiving texts or push notification via our app. If they weren’t big fans of technology, they could opt into receiving telephone calls on their landline. It was a win/win and that’s when we realized we needed to bring this product to the market. Not only were customers going to benefit the way we did but employees were responding favorably! They embraced a new way of doing things and if they struggled with any part of the technology, we helped them through it. We heard things like: “We need THIS where I work” and “This is amazing!”

To our end users I say “Thank You!” Thanks for standing by our side as we grow a solution out of Northern Ontario and bring it across the province. We look forward to enhancing StaffStat and keeping you happy!


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