Why I Love Being a New Member of a Startup

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to be one of the newest members of a fast growing, innovative startup. I am part of a small team, a team of 5 to be exact. We may be a small team but we deliver a big solution. We are all learning and gaining valuable experience as we go. We are the first 5 employees of what is going to be a very successful company.

Here are some reasons I feel privileged to be part of and love working for a startup:

I get to introduce a new concept to our health care sector. When I show people who understand what we are doing, their eyes light up and they realize how valuable our software is. If I were a member of an already established, larger organization, I may not have the opportunity to start at this level or develop my role in the company and witness the success from the ground up.

I am an integral part of this company’s growth. I have been able to gain an abundance of skills, experience, opportunities, and grow with the company. I believe this is an empowering place to be. The motivating factor behind working for a startup is that our small team (for now) is responsible for the success of our product. Every member of this team is invested in the success of our product, we understand its value and its ultimate success. The drive this team has will ensure this fast moving company is sustainable.

My input is valued at startup level. I have the opportunity to play a role in the decision making and the development. The small nature, versatility and flexibility of this company allows for input from all team members. In a larger organization this opportunity is not always available to new team members and often the job duties, procedures and polices are already set in place. Within a startup environment I help shape the duties of the team, organize the procedures and have input on the policies.

Learn from true entrepreneurs. I have the chance to learn from the best—ladies who have started innovative businesses, who have a creative nature, a sharp mental focus and address problems with a solution.

Awesome Atmosphere. We recently moved and are settling into our new home that suits our business personality perfectly. It is clean, streamlined and fun! We all work so well together, we know how to work hard, share ideas, action those concepts and through this hard work we have established some pretty amazing friendships. While we work hard we also play hard, daily laugh sessions can easily be heard in between the celebrations of each team member’s success. The energy our team brings and exudes is contagious.

We celebrate each and every success. We all cheerlead for one another as every individual accomplishment is a win for the entire team. I am part of a team, bringing solutions to others that make life easier and feel very valued for my hard work.



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