Have a Two-Way Say!


Effective communication has played a large part in The A Team’s success. Communicating effectively isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes practice but when done consistently can be a real game changer.

Here are some of the ways we foster effective communication in our office:

1. Learn to listen, and then listen and learn. Be honest with yourself. Are you a good listener? Most of us think we’re listening but the truth is we all have times when we’re waiting for a moment to get our thoughts in. If you’re caught up in what you want to say next or making a judgement about what’s being said before the person you’re talking to is finished then you are being distracted from the message.

2. Pay attention to non-verbal messaging. This isn’t the first time that you’re reading this: body language is important. Can you understand what people are telling you with their non-verbal cues? Be aware of your own body language and look for specific signals in people you are speaking with. It will ensure the messages you’re trying to get to your team are landing. Check out this video for some tips on reading non-verbal communication:

3. Know your WHY and communicate it with conviction. I find if people understand why they are doing something it makes communicating what needs to be done that much more effective.

4. Make sure you’re using the right method of communication. Sometimes I have to text my staff and others it’s email; I’ll occasionally use a social media platform and often I will pick up the phone. The main thing is that the content in my message has to match the method I use. And my rule of thumb is that if it takes more than three text exchanges to get the message out it’s time to make a phone call!

5. Keep your expectations realistic. Be clear about what you’re asking your staff to deliver and when you’re asking them to deliver it. If it’s a project that takes longer than a day, check in frequently so you can nip any issues in the bud.

6. Make sure everybody understands the importance of good communication. Foster a culture of good communication in your office. The way your staff communicates will start with you. Work hard to communicate well and everybody will follow your lead!

These are just a few tips that I use to optimize the communication in my office. If you try these consistently you’ll see how improving your communication can improve your employee’s motivation and productivity, as well as your bottom line!


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