A Customer is Never JUST a Customer… Part 4 of 4

As the month of July nears its end, I will say that I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to boast about having fabulous customers. Over the course of the last 4 weeks, I’ve chimed in on why considering your customer a partner, a sounding board, a supporter and an advocate is not only important but essential. From the ones who foot the bill to the ones who use the service directly, we understand the value of the relationships we get to build and maintain. I had to save the following customer for last because they were our first and NO ONE forgets their first customer…

ICAN – Independence Centre and Network

For over 6 months, I was connecting with organizations, cold calling, emailing and trying to spread the word about our product. In March of 2015, I got a call from Marie Leon, CEO of ICAN. She was looking for a shift filling solution and heard about our product online. She was shocked when she asked me to provide her with a demo and I told her let’s book in person for tomorrow. She had no idea that the solution she was seeking was built 10 minutes away from her organization’s office. I was excited and I was eager. It would be the first time that I would take our projector out of its box and sit it on someone’s desk to show them StaffStat. Marie brought in Lise Comtois (both fabulous ladies) and they sat in on one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. Their reaction to our product is what solidified my passion to bring it to the masses. I explained the nutshell version of our software and walked away knowing that I had the potential to get our first contract signed. A few meetings later I closed my very first deal. A transaction occurred, sure… but what’s bigger, this was the moment we knew that we had something that people would be willing to buy. Of course, I believed in our product before that moment but this meant that someone else believed in it too!

I met with the entire management team, I trained them and I answered their questions. Every single step was my first. They knew they were the first and they were patient as I navigated my way through implementation, onboarding, staff training, customer service and to be honest, they inevitably trained me! The Project Lead they assigned to us was Johanne Ramsay. Let me tell you that I’ve never met anyone like Johanne from ICAN. She was attentive, had a sense of urgency (one of my favorite things), an infectious positive energy and a genuine love for her job. The entire process was seamless and what’s more, fun! From that moment on, I had a logo to use on our website, a testimonial to share with prospects, a reference to provide to warm leads and an organization on our side. As far as firsts go, this one was epic!

This 4 part series was supposed to enlighten you on why you should value every single customer. Frankly, it’s enlightened ME. Every single story is one that I treasure. Every single customer is one that I appreciate. I appreciate their direct impact on our company and their indirect impact on me as a person. The take away: A customer is NEVER just a customer unless you let them be. Nurture those relationships and understand the potential that comes with every single conversation.

To learn more about ICAN – Independence Centre and Network, visit their website, http://www.ican-cerd.com/.

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