Pleasantly Patient and Persistent


Quite a few blog posts ago, I wrote about how difficult I find waiting for something or someone is. I was blessed or sometimes cursed with an extreme sense of urgency, to which I consistently respond to those who reach out, require help, or have requested something of me. I don’t like to leave anyone waiting on me or my contribution to a project. I believe this trait is valued by those I work with. I do understand that regardless of my level of urgency, I understand not everyone shares the same response time that I possess. My new role as a Solution Sales Specialist is teaching me that patience and persistence is a balancing act. Slowly, yet surely, I am learning to be pleasantly patient and persistent.

Following up and awaiting responses from potential customers is now a part of my day to day. I have learned that patience coupled with persistence is an absolute necessity.

Patience. If you want to achieve anything you need patience. Nothing in life is instant and anything worth having requires hard work. I have learned to remain patient yet keep a pulse on all contacts awaiting a response and providing a call to action. If you lack patience while trying to achieve your goals, you will likely burn out before you see the results of your efforts. Small daily efforts of patience followed by the next key ingredient are a sure way to achieve the great goals I have set out for myself in my new role.

Persistence. To achieve any goal, you must have persistence– to not give up and to continuously work towards your goal. Sometimes, an adjustment in strategy is required, however, keeping your goal in mind at all times will keep your efforts sustained. Taking the extra step and applying more energy and drive will lead to a win. I have learned that my daily efforts will pay off and that my goals will soon become my achievements because I have been persistent.

Patience and persistence, I believe are the necessary ingredients to achieve any goal. It’s a balancing act and I am not quite an expert in the patience department, however, I am learning and have started to see the results of being both patient and persistent!




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