4 Tips to Create an Email Marketing Campaign that Works!


Did you know that the average individual receives approximately 121 pieces of email per day? Collectively, the world receives 193 billion emails per day, and businesses account for an estimated 56% of those?  Email marketing is a great tool to reach your current customers and your target market. Email provides a very high ROI, costs little to nothing to execute, gets your message out to the masses, and integrates seamlessly into other marketing strategies. If you’re thinking of incorporating email into your marketing strategy, or you want to make changes to your current email marketing efforts, follow the 4 tips below:

  1. “Quality over quantity.” I use this phrase often as it applies to many aspects of marketing. While you may think it’s a great idea to send off an email to thousands and thousands of people, there’s really no point…unless, of course, they’re part of your target audience and are interested in your message. You’re much better off sending email blasts to a small group of people who are genuinely interested and can benefit from the email than those who will just dump it right into their trash or spam folder. A great habit to get into is to perform a “cleaning” of your mailing list every six months or so to eliminate any unnecessary recipients (such as those whose emails are regularly marked as undelivered) as they can affect your overall email marketing metrics.
  2. Make the message a priority. Always try to use the least amount of text possible; keep it concise in order to effectively get your message across. Place the most emphasis on what you’re trying to say and use images sparingly, and where they make sense; using too many images may cause your emails to be flagged as spam, potentially rendering your campaign useless.
  3. The subject line affects your open rate. Keep it simple, concise, and interesting. I’ve recently written a blog on how to create hard-hitting subject lines that work; follow the tips outlined in it to get started. If you notice your emails aren’t getting opened and read, keep testing out different lines until you find a style that lands.
  4. Check the metrics. I highly suggest utilizing an email marketing solution, such as MailChimp or MyEmma, to help you manage your campaign. Not only do these solutions help you conceptualize and construct your actual campaign, they also track results in real time; you can view delivery, open rates, clicks, unsubscribes, spam reports and more. It’s critical you use the metrics to make complete changes or minor adjustments as needed to help with the overall success of your campaign.

I hope that my tips help you on the path of successfully incorporating email marketing into your brand’s strategy! Good luck!


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