3 Cheers for Our CEO

This one’s for Mel Morin, StaffStat’s CEO. After reading her blog on Friday I couldn’t help but notice that she missed the key face of StaffStat in her blog – her own.  

When I first met Mel Morin, I liked her immediately. She quickly became Plan A’s first employee and if you have ever met her you know why. A little bit of Mel rubs off on everyone she meets. Mel is so quick to praise her team and give kudos to everybody working at StaffStat that I thought today would be a great time to give her some of that love back. So here it goes! The traits that make our Mel THE face of StaffStat:

She is credible – She tells the truth 100% of the time…even when her voice shakes…even when it might hurt somebody. I can always count on Mel to be honest and everybody who works with her knows that about her. Of course when things are going well it’s easy to talk about the good news, the growing revenue, the success of a new feature and the excitement of signing on a new client. It’s when things get tough that I see Mel do some of her best work. This is where she steps up to the responsibility of leading people through the tougher times; she knows how important it is to keep her energy positive and she keeps her team focused on the goals.  

She is competent – There is nobody who has a deeper understanding of StaffStat and how the business model works than Mel. This thorough understanding, paired with her enthusiasm for our solution keeps our clients excited about the product and her team inspired to stay on top of learning and adapting with her. If she doesn’t know something she will by the end of the day. She is absolutely amazing to watch in action.

She is caring – Above all else Mel truly cares about our company. She cares about the clients (who LOVE her), her team (who’ll do anything to help her succeed) and her product (her passion for it has turned it into a pretty freaking impressive software service over the years). With Mel, people believe in both the message and the messenger and that’s because she truly believes in the story she’s been a part of for over 4 years. There’s a trust with Mel that shows she’s committed to making this work for us and for our clients which all starts with her truly caring about what it is we do, how we do it and making sure everyone she connects with knows that.    

She is confident – She knows what she’s doing and why she’s doing it. She invests in her confidence daily with reading and activity and creative outlets and by challenging herself. She lives so far out of her comfort zone that I don’t think anything could scare her! She radiates her happiness from within and she speaks with a certainty that shows that her confidence in what she does is unwavering. Most of all she’s not looking for a destination, she’s on a journey and she’s enjoying every step of the way and it shows!

She is a relationship builder – Mel will dedicate the time and energy it takes to build solid, strong and lasting business relationships. She knows that they are a vital part of business success and is motivated to put in the work. She has shown her team that relationships don’t just happen without dedicated consistency and she will do what’s necessary to show her clients that she values each and every one of them.  

I think for Mel, making the leap from a Plan A employee to the StaffStat CEO was an extraordinary transition. The role is complex and managing that complexity is something that she has done exceptionally well. For me, Mel was the ONLY person for the job – THE face of StaffStat!

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