Our Core Values


At Plan A and StaffStat we have core values that are embedded in our companies’ philosophies and are essential to maintain our culture. Every individual team member must possess and understand these values in order to be successful. The values in which we operate with are what both companies were built upon. We all work effectively and efficiently when all team members are in line with these core values. These values are not optional, they are, in fact, mandatory; those who do not possess them do not work well with our team.

Our core values and what we believe are the foundation of our successes. Below I share with you those values in which our team upholds each and every day.

Sense of Urgency. We deal with every situation with a strong sense of urgency to ensure business, staff, clients and customers are handled with care and all parties are treated fairly.  We run into the fire; if there is a customer need or concern it is quickly dissolved or extinguished ensuring we maintain the trust of our customers, associates and or colleagues. Customers and clients can expect that we will address their concerns in a quick and efficient manner.

Accountability. Each team member has a responsibility to the effectiveness of our entire team. We all must work in a manner that breeds productivity and efficiency. When an error occurs, a miscommunication happens, or an event transpires that is not aligned with our policies or procedures, individuals involved are expected to own their mistake and learn from it. Accountability is respected in our office culture as we all know mistakes happen and should happen; how else will we learn? We learn by owning our errors and growing from them.

Trust. ‘Hold the vision and trust the process’. Each member of our team must trust the process and we all must trust that our colleagues are doing their job. In addition, we all trust that decisions coming down from the top have been made based on the best interest of the company and not made lightly.

Positive Attitude. This is essential to our company, essential to our culture and essential to the general flow of our daily routines. When someone walks into Plan A or StaffStat they generally get a vibe of our energy, and get to see the positive culture that was created and fostered over the last five years. Our attitudes will be witnessed by others, felt by others and can be evident in our performance. Addressing problems, providing service and general interaction must all be done with a positive mind frame.

Solution Focused. When there is a problem the worst thing one can do is focus on it. In our offices we quickly recognize the problem, however we do not spend too much time focusing on it. It must be an automatic response to shift from the problem and focus on a solution. Whether the solution is to solve the problem at hand or to determine the steps needed to ensure the problem does not re-occur in the future. Both business concepts bring solutions and solve major pain points; therefore, a solution based mind frame is critical every day. At Plan A and StaffStat, problems are not our focus, solutions are.

Effective Communication. Every team member must be able to communicate themselves in an effective manner. To communicate effectively means to choose the right words to get our message across and to listen to others thoroughly with an open mind. A miscommunication can lead to arguments, poor morale, and unmotivated employees, all of which we have very little time and energy for. If there is a miscommunication it is quickly addressed, accountability is taken and a solution implemented.

Customer Service. This is essential and is a must for each and every team member. We all understand why providing customer service is one of our main values. We provide it each and every day and pride ourselves on the relationships we have formed by providing the best service we can. Every customer or client interaction is done with a positive attitude and a solution focused mind frame.

Without these essential values our company would be aimless. If one team member falls out of alignment with these values, they are quickly called back to our vision. To be honest, we have had fumbles and if we hadn’t we would not be the strong team players we are today. We’ve had to regroup and bring back a team consensus and continue to work hard every day to ensure we are all steering in the same direction. It is the nature of our team and our company to focus and maintain our core values as they ultimately drive our success.





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