6 Ways to Use GIFs


Awhile ago I created a blog post describing GIFs in detail and provided sources to some of the best GIFs to use for any purpose. Today, I will provide 6 examples of how you can use GIFs in your marketing efforts.

  1. To let your online personality shine. Many brands have ramped up their social media presence and have begun incorporating GIFs whenever feasible to keep things light, fun—and most importantly—authentic. Consumers love brands that they can relate to and feel a close connection with. Try posting GIFs in statuses, updates, or even when providing social customer service. It’s fun to watch brands being playful with customers during their online interactions instead of reading boring/generic responses.
  2. To give a behind-the-scenes look at your company’s culture and team. As I’ve mentioned, GIFs are a unique way to add fun to your brand’s online identity. Let your audience gain a better understanding of what your company represents and who’s part of the vision. Try creating a time lapse at team meetings or events, introduce new members, provide brief biographies of your current team, highlight your vision statement and core values and more!
  3. To show off your product. What better way to present your product to the masses than by creating a 360-degree view of it in GIF form? GIFs are especially great when launching new products, or presenting products that may be difficult to purchase online such as clothing or items with many features and/or details.
  4. To build hype. Because GIFs are short in duration, they can be used to easily create bursts of excitement, suspense and mystery. Use GIFs to promote product launches, announce events, broadcast upcoming sales and promotions, etcetera. You can easily create an entire social marketing campaign using GIFs.
  5. To explain ideas. Pictures are worth a thousand words and visuals are great for explaining hard-to-understand concepts. Try creating GIFs for product demos, tutorials, and how-to’s. A well-crafted tutorial in GIF format will encourage your audience to purchase and utilize your product and will increase the word-of-mouth marketing surrounding your brand. When creating your GIF tutorial, be sure to keep it extremely simple to follow and perform to ensure a larger amount of people can successfully watch and use your tutorial, and ultimately share it across social media.
  6. To advertise. Why not turn that billboard ad, television ad, or print material into a GIF? They’re a great tool for ramping up and extending the life of your current marketing campaign.

There you have it—six ways you can incorporate GIFs into your business’ marketing and social media campaigns. Check out my post next week for a how-to-guide on creating GIFs.

Good luck!


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