“Integrity”… it sounds like such a simple concept. Right? It’s that feel good noble idea of doing the right thing. I realize it’s not a novel idea, and that everyone reading this blog has heard of or practices integrity on a daily basis. At least, I hope so! Travelling across the province and leading our new sales team, I remain adamant that StaffStat, Inc. will never over promise, which means that we will inevitably never under deliver. There’s nothing I hate more than disappointment and I refuse to disappoint our customers. We aim to please at every turn and one of the mainstays of our culture is what serves as the topic of this blog post: integrity. Why do we feel so strongly that integrity is a ‘must’? Defining our solution means that we are tasked with aptly describing not only what StaffStat does, but also what it does not do. We will never be the company that feigns or boasts ‘we do it all’. What we do say is that we are the solution for a massive pain point; we automate the call out process and while we do it exceptionally well. We never pretend to be something we’re not. What follows is a list of 3 reasons we pride ourselves on integrity:

  1. Trust: If you make a claim, you need to stand by it. I want to close the deal as much as the next person, but I would never lie to get the sale. If a prospect asks a question regarding our product, I expect us to answer that question honestly. If they’re looking for a scheduling solution, we’re not it. If they’re looking to automate their call out process, then that’s us. We don’t exaggerate to get in the door and we’re honest in all of our meetings. We never make a claim unless we’re willing to stand behind it 100%. 
  1. That ‘feel good’ swagger: After we meet with a potential customer, we can leave knowing that either they got it or they didn’t, but we never have to feel guilty about any of the conversations we have. Keeping it real means that we always have our story straight because we’re always honest about the claims we make. Our honesty throughout the process means that we can always keep our heads high. When we explain our timelines, the pride we have in our customer service and our past experiences, we have nothing to hide because we never make promises we can’t keep.
  1. Avoiding the old, “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed” thing: Everyone remembers someone saying they’re not mad, just disappointed, and isn’t that worse? We never want our customers to feel let down. We want them to know that we hear their requests. Without customers, what’s the point? To take it a step further, I would rather have no customers than disappointed customers. We want every relationship we build to be one that was founded on the premise that we deliver what we say we deliver, every single time.

If you ask me how we’re doing as a company, I always beam while I reply! Why? Because I know that I can be proud while I relay how many users we added this month, how many demos we booked for the week, how many customers are entrusting us with the onboarding process and how we’ve got relationship building down to an art. Maintaining integrity throughout this process has allowed us to make claims, real claims as to who we are, what we offer and how we get it done. Period.


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