Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.


The summers at Plan A are pretty freakin’ hectic and with the end of summer approaching, I find myself struggling to put work aside to hang out with my family for a week of holidays.  Of course, the week of holidays is vitally important.  It has to be.  My 8 year old daughter isn’t going to stay little forever and I would be doing myself a huge disservice by not taking a break with her!  No matter how busy it is at work I have to remind myself that taking a break far outweighs trudging along without any energy.  

As challenging as it is for me to get away, here are the benefits I always come back to after a week away:

My body and brain are recharged

Being a business owner involves a high level of thinking every minute of every hour of every day.  After doing this for a few months straight I become mentally blocked.  The best way to get my hamster moving again is to step away from the business and make it my goal to digitally detoxify.  Changing my normal routine gives my body and brain the break it needs to boost my creativity and inspiration and I get to return to work with a renewed sense of energy, focus and drive.  

I discover new inspiration

I find the best way to unlock my creative and innovative energy is by changing up my every day activities.  Taking a holiday allows me to try something different – whether it’s a new activity, meeting new people or simply trying a new restaurant – learning something new always sets my imagination off.    

Stepping away from the issues

A holiday allows me to take a break from the issues, clear my head, reflect on what’s working (and what’s not) and focus on solutions.  I always spend the last week of August away from the office, regrouping my thoughts for what’s to come in our following year.  September marks a new business year for me and taking a break allows me gather my thoughts as we plan ahead for the year to come.  

Fostering the businesses growth

As the owner of a rapidly growing business, taking a holiday gives me the chance to see if the people on my team have what it takes to keep the business running while I am away.  I always end up pleasantly surprised at how well the business operates when I am gone.  It empowers my staff to make decisions and reiterates to them that I trust them and that I really do have the best team for my businesses!

Holidays are not just a chance to re-energize for my business; they are a time to re-energize for the people I love!  Making memories, spending quality time with my kiddo and reconnecting with the people are another reason for my business’s success!  So happy holidaying!



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