Make Things Happen!

Make Things Happnen.jpg

I’ve always referred to September 1st as the Business New Year! While I’m 100% certain I didn’t invent the concept, I sure do like to celebrate it! It’s the perfect time to set some new professional goals AND put them into action. This is the time to make your business resolutions, reset your frame of mind and make things happen. Here’s my list of 7:

  1. If you’ve got a good idea, take some kind of action on it right away. Too often good ideas slip away, either due to momentum (it was exciting at the moment, but less so now) or just through forgetfulness. So when you have a good idea, tell someone, devise a plan and stick to it!
  2. Keep it real. When people skip over the uncomfortable struggles and difficulties they faced in becoming successful, it makes the victory seem too magical and “meant to be”. When you share stories of your achievements, make sure to leave the tough parts in. Be an inspiration to others by keeping it real.
  3. Never get defensive. You should behave in such a way that if you’re ever called out on what you’ve done, you can look the other person in the eye and own up to the error. Quickly move on to detailing a solution ensuring that the same mistake never happens again.
  4. Find out what’s going to be on the test. Make sure you know what metrics, feelings or judgements will define your success, and concentrate your efforts there. Stay ahead of the game rather than trying to play catch up!
  5. There is something valuable to be learned from everything. Even with menial tasks, be they boring, impossible, unrelated to your normal responsibilities or just plain tedious, you won’t waste your effort if you learn something from your actions. It might be a skill, an insight about people, or just a deeper understanding of how a system works. In any situation, there’s always something to gain. It’s just a matter of perspective.
  6. If you’re achieving 100% of your goals, you aren’t thinking big enough. Only by really pushing yourself will you discover what you’re truly made out of. Whether it’s a workout, a deadline or a business deal you’ve got to go out on a limb and reach for more than you think you can get.
  7. When the right opportunity arises, seize it. Once in a while, a very special opportunity emerges – to travel somewhere, meet someone special, do something amazing. When you get that gut feeling that this is a big deal, do not hesitate to drop everything else you’re doing and pour all your energies into wringing that opportunity for everything it is worth.

The challenge: make a list, develop a plan and make it happen!


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