September is days away and I am excited! Some may think that is absurd; why look forward to the end of summer? I believe that there are so many reasons to get excited about September.

Today, on my blog post I will share with you why I love the return of September.

  1. Fall is my favourite season. Sure, summer is beautiful and I am grateful for everything summer brings but there is just something about the fall that rejuvenates me. It is time to break out the blanket scarves, sip and smell pumpkin spice, breathe in the crisp air and admire the beautiful colors.
  1. Return of routines and schedules. I am a sucker for schedules and organization. I thrive on structuring the daily living of both my personal and professional life. Of course the end of summer has us a little sad. My family enjoys the laid back lifestyle of summer but we all crave the need to get back to routine. This time of year, I have found it much easier to connect with business associates, customers and clients as most are returning from vacation and ready to resume business activities.
  1. Spirit of change is in the air. With the change in weather and change in leaves comes many personal changes. People are back to their routines, adjusting their lifestyles from the lax of summer vacations. In our business circle we often refer to September as the ‘Business New Year.’ It is an exciting time as we prep for networking opportunities and conference season. It is a time to practice self care and nurture our professional development, all to ensure we are all performing our best each and every day.
  1. Organization! Time to clean out the summer clothing and toys and replace that with a warmer wardrobe, new agendas, pencils and reading material. This is the kind of stuff I get excited about.
  1. I feel completely rejuvenated from vacation time with the family and practicing self care. With the structure, my organization activities and changes in the flow of daily life I am ready to take on the busyness of fall! 

In my recent conversations with friends, family, colleagues and business associates, I have learned that I am not alone in this boat. Many are equally excited for the structure and routine that comes with September and its trailing months. Of course, savour the last few days of summer but prepare yourself to make this fall the best one yet!



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