One Year… and Counting!

one year

One year ago, Megan Patrakka, our marketing guru and I proposed to the rest of our team that we should embark on a blog. We convinced them that we should collectively put thought to screen and publish our thoughts, our ideas, our opinions, our professional/personal experiences and our tips on I will say that the task wasn’t met with much resistance. I get to work with a fabulous group of women who tend to say yes to any challenge pretty quickly. We’ve each written 52 posts and that on its own is something to celebrate! What’s more, we’ve given some solid advice on leading a team to success, work/life balance, HR, marketing, running a startup, starting a new role and so much more.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to write a blog! I felt that it was pretty cool that I could write whatever I wanted and that someone else, anyone really, might benefit from one line, one paragraph or lo and behold, the entire post. What’s even better than that? Co-contributing with a crew that inspires me with their words each and every single day.

When we embarked on our blogging journey, we had no idea what we were doing or if there was really a purpose to the commitment we were making. A little analytics and here’s where we’re at:

  • We’ve written 250 posts.
  • Our blog’s been visited nearly 130,000 times.
  • We’ve had nearly 8,000 unique visitors.
  • Our blog’s not only being read in Canada but in the US, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil and the list goes on.
  • We’ve gone from averaging 100 daily views to over 1,000.
  • 75 people opted in to receiving our blog in their inbox every single day.

I often ask myself; who’s reading what we’re writing? Is it worth fighting the writer’s block that comes much too frequently to try to come up with something insightful to say in case someone might find value in it? My answer ultimately always comes back to ‘yes!’. We’re women who’ve agreed to tackle something we knew nothing about. Our aim was to let someone else out there who might be starting out and uncertain that what they’re going through or feeling is completely normal. Not one of us is an ‘expert’ in any said field but we’ve all gone through enough to know that we’re not the only ones who:

  • Have felt uncertain about our decisions
  • Have felt that old ‘working mom’ guilt
  • Have felt uncertain or feared being taken less seriously because we’re young
  • Have felt uncertain or feared being taken less seriously because we’re women
  • Have struggled with organic growth
  • Have been faced with what seems like insurmountable challenges

Our blog was never intended to sell or convince. This blog serves as our platform to thank our customers, our community, our family and our friends. It serves as a way for us to share, question, inform and benefit those who are interested in what we have to say. I can’t speak for everyone but here’s how I draw satisfaction from our blog:

  • Sometimes, somebody keys in a question on a search engine and gets their answer from one of our blog posts…now that’s pretty awesome!
  • It pushes us to think outside the box, stay creative and create content.
  • When we write our posts, we’re reminded of why it is we do what we do on a daily basis.
  • We get to share a little bit of ourselves with someone else who might be needing to read exactly what we’re writing about on that particular day.

I got the following text from our founder, Sheri Tomchick, at 11:59pm last night; “I spent the night reading and re-reading blogs and I have to tell you, I am beyond proud of you guys! Amazing work from an incredible team!”.

With that in mind and a smile on my face I say: Happy Birthday ‘theAdotblog’! Cheers to another year of posts, insights and sharing. I look forward to seeing how much we grow in the next 52 weeks!


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