Be your own boss!  There’s never been a better time to open your own health care staffing company and today I am going to tell you why.

When I started my health care staffing company, my goal in my first year was to have a staff pool of 20 health care professionals and become contracted with one or two homes.  At the end of that year I was up to 75 people on the pool and was looking after 5 contracts.  Last week was the end of my fifth year in business and what a year we’ve had!  We’ve achieved almost everything on our lofty list of goals.  We reached our financial projections and then some.  We moved from our very first home in Azilda (aka The A Dot) into a fabulous Sudbury space.  We’ve grown to be a solid team of 8 in the office – four on the Plan A side and four on the StaffStat side.  We’re having an amazing time bringing solutions to the Long Term Care sector. And we’re motivated and determined to make our ideas work!  It’s been a tremendous year!

That being said, what I have realized this year is that Ontario needs more Plan A’s.  We have worked hard to keep up to our homes’ shift requests and we’re doing a great job if I do say so myself!  The good news is that in one year we were able to cover 3224 shifts in LTC homes – that averages 9 shifts per day – which is incredible.    The bad news is that we missed 1470 shifts which equal 11,025 hours of care that our vulnerable population missed out on.  And the interesting news is that we were only actively servicing 12 out of Ontario’s 630 homes.

That brings us to today.  It’s 2016 and the oldest of the baby boomers reached 65 just 5 short years ago and we are struggling.   The demand for services is growing by the week – literally.  This is why it’s never been a better time to open up a health care staffing company so that’s what I am wanting to make happen.

If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming your own boss and you want to make a difference in your community you can have the best of both worlds in a growing and dynamic market.  Plan A is a beautiful business model.  It’s simple to understand and easy to duplicate and it’s a much needed service.  I’ve written the book on how to do it exceptionally well and have a secret ingredient—StaffStat, a shift-filling software that makes it incredibly easy to fill shifts in seconds; no scheduler required!  I’ve got everything you need to hit the pavement running!

If this is something you—or somebody you know—would like to learn more about, please connect with me personally to learn more about how you can open up your own staffing company and make your own dreams come true!



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