Testimonials 101


We all know that word-of-mouth travels like wildfire. Bad review on Trip Advisor? Your hotel’s in trouble. Consistent and great reviews? You’re bound to see more bookings! It all boils down to this: what people have to say matters. It can literally make or break your business. The right kind of testimonials can help increase your visibility and allow you to build a positive reputation. Acquiring testimonials from various customers has and will definitely continue to play a huge role in our prospecting, our marketing and our sales.

How can you use testimonials?

  1. Update your website: The most obvious use of testimonials, right? Of course! But… be sure to change up your testimonials frequently! Keep it fresh and updated with information that’s relevant to your current market, product and service.
  2. Create a testimonial poster: Make your testimonial look good and then post it across all social media platforms. We asked for this particular testimonial because we’re heading out to a conference where 400 delegates from similar organizations will be in attendance:CLGS Testimonial
  3. Use the testimonial as a part of your email signature: Again, make it look good and attach the testimonial to your prospect emails.
  4. Leave relevant testimonials behind: After your meeting or demo, leave a sheet behind including all testimonials that make sense for the potential customer. Whether the relevance be sector specific, the number of staff, etc.

How can you get the best testimonials?

  1. Do the work for them: If you’re following up with a customer and they say something positive about your product or service, be sure to record the content of their statement. When you get back to the office, pretty up the statement, send it over to the contact and ask for their permission to use it as a testimonial. If you do the work and all that’s required is a ‘yes’, odds are you’ll get approval!
  2. Get the type of testimonial you need: If you’ve got a great relationship with a customer and you feel that you need to boast about your customer service, hit them up with a specific request. Don’t ask for a general testimonial. Instead, ask for the type of feedback you need when you need it. Below is an example of a testimonial where we asked for feedback specific to our customer service:cl-access-support-services
  3. Forward it to them: People love to see their name in print! Whether it be on your website or on social media, grab a screen shot or send them the link and be sure to thank them for their contribution.

As well as boosting your credibility, which helps potential clients trust you, testimonials are useful in other respects. First, the feedback you get from testimonials can help you improve the services you offer. Second, by asking your clients to write a testimonial for your business, you’re reinforcing their positive experience of working with you. As they write your testimonial, they’ll think about everything they appreciate about your services. Third, publishing testimonials on your site gives you one more page to be tracked by search engines, which is good for your SEO.

The challenge? Don’t be shy to ask for testimonials and take advantage of every single instance where someone takes the time to put pen to paper for you and your company!


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