My Tips for Hiring Effective Team Members you know me then you know I love our team.  Our team totally rocks!  It truly does.  But this didn’t happen by accident.  We’ve worked hard to make our team fit so well together and after years of many of us working together we can tell pretty quickly if somebody won’t be a good fit.

So what it is that makes our team shine?  Here are four of the things I look for when I am looking to add to our team:

Emotional Intelligence
Having technical skills is very important but I would say that emotional intelligence is equally important…if not more.   When people are aware of themselves and are socially aware, I find the connections are strengthened on the team…and with strong connections there’s a greater sense of trust on the team.  Yup, emotional intelligence is number one!

Everybody Sees the Bigger Picture…
… And they believe in it.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of StaffStat or the lead recruiter in Plan A, our common goal is putting out solutions that make accessing staff better, cheaper and faster.  We all get that, and even though our individual jobs are completely different from each other, collectively we are all contributing to the same bigger picture.  Believing what you can’t see is definitely number two!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
There isn’t a day that goes by where there isn’t laughter in our office.  Lots of it!  Funny stories, harmless teasing, inside jokes…all can be found in our office on a daily basis.   We’ve used humor to create a positive and fun culture which has helped us  build our brand, attract and retain excellent employees and appeal to  customers.  If you can’t laugh, you won’t be a good fit for our team!

A good mix of people
We have Gen X-ers, Gen Y-ers and Gen Z-ers, ; we have married people with children and single people with fur babies;  we have introverts, extroverts and intro/extroverts.  We have empaths, and bleeding hearts and we also have people who are aloof and pragmatic.  We have dreamers with high levels of creativity and people who use schedules to get the job done;  we have people who are laissez-fair and those who like things tickety-boo.   It’s this mix and accepting people’s strengths and their weaknesses for what they are and utilizing their qualities to best optimize our office that works for us.

These are just a few things that work for our office.  There are definitely more.  Please share what works for your team!

Happy Monday!


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