5 Lies You’re Telling Yourself Right Now

bigstock-thinking-woman-making-decision-44303686.jpgSometimes, we allow ourselves to ‘make a mountain out of a mole hill.’ Sometimes, we allow ourselves to create a story in our head based on our perception of what we think is happening. Often, we create our own obstacles just by believing the thoughts we create.

  1. It can wait. How many times have you put something off until tomorrow and then found yourself scrambling at the last minute to complete a task? Procrastination is a productivity killer. If you can get something done now, just do it. If it is a large project, break it down into smaller tasks and organize your time to accomplish these tasks.
  1. There isn’t enough time. There is always enough time if you make time and use it wisely. I can certainly say that I have found myself in situations where I felt there was just too much to do and not enough time and I am sure many feel this way. Busy lives make time fly! I have learned to make time for the things that matter most to me and organize my life around that. I’ve learned that in order to be efficient and productive I must cut out distractions and focus.
  1. I can’t do that. What is the best way to create a negative self-fulfilling prophecy? Keep telling yourself “I can’t.” Each and every one of us can do anything we truly put our minds to. “I can’t” is a phrase seldom uttered in our workplace or at home. Always try, and if you find yourself experiencing difficulties, learn how, find a mentor, and use your resources.
  1. I have to hurry. We rush through life on a daily basis often having to remind ourselves to slow down. Nothing is worth a rush! Of course there is a sense of urgency, but far too often we rush to complete a task without paying attention to the details. Take time to slow down. I like to do this on weekends, with family. We often hide out at home away from the world and enjoy each others’ company.
  1. I can’t fail. Many of us are so fearful of failure that some will do most anything to prevent or hide a failure. Struggling, making mistakes, and failure are all part of the learning and the growth process. If you aren’t stumbling now and then, you are not growing and attempting new ventures. Embrace failures and learn from them. There is always an opportunity to be found in a challenge.

We judge ourselves far too often, creating a picture of what we believe is expected, what the world should see. Stop telling yourself what and how you should be and embrace the natural flow of life.




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