Favourite Part of my Job.


Sales is new ground for me. It’s something I’m not used to and it’s something I’m not sure of. I laugh every day at the fact that I really don’t know what I’m doing quite yet, but I’m loving the learning process. There have been so many things that I’ve learned and gotten used to since starting in my new role that I’ve grown to love. I say that I’ve “grown” to love them because I didn’t always feel that way (trust me).

Cold calling, while it’s the thing that terrifies me the most, allows me to do what I love most: interact and deal with people. I believe that I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I love dealing with people and I love the customer service aspect of my job. Every single person that you deal with when working in a customer service role brings with them a different personality that you have to get to know and they bring their own unique struggles and challenges that you have to help them with. I’ve also mentioned that, while I love dealing with people, it’s one of the most difficult things that I do on a day-to-day basis. Everyone is different and not everyone is easy to deal with or please. With that being said, I guess you could say that my favourite part of my job is being challenged.

I was never the type of person that particularly enjoyed being given a task that I wasn’t entirely sure how to handle. I will often say to the girls in the office that I miss working for Plan A in some ways because I miss knowing what I’m doing and I miss knowing what I’m talking about. Not knowing exactly what I’m doing or if I’m doing something right or wrong used to make me feel quite uneasy. In fact, it worried me and made me feel stressed out more than anything. I was also never really one to step outside of my comfort zone willingly and be okay with it, but, as I mentioned, being challenged and pushed and forced to step into the waters of the ‘unknown’ is something that I’ve grown to enjoy and look forward to. I like knowing that each day is going to bring with it different challenges and problems that we’ll have to solve through collaboration and discussions as a team to come up with the best possible solution. The idea of ‘not knowing’ doesn’t scare me anymore, it excites me!


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