Do All Things with Passion

font-quotes-typography-love-life34.jpg“Do things with passion, or not at all. Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” This quote resonated with me and I feel that I live this through everyday live. Every single task that I put my energy into, I do with passion. I collaborate well with others who are like minded and committed to a common goal. When you work with passion, there is consistent drive for improvement and it hardly feels like work at all.

Recently, I attended the Community Living Ontario Annual Conference with our team at StaffStat. With my background in disability management and my experience with StaffStat, I knew that the solution we bring to this sector will be of much benefit to the consumers, the frontline staff, management and decision makers alike.

The trade show had a very early start for our team; however, we started our day with immense energy that we were able to hold for the entire day. The energy we have for our product and the drive each of us has had us invigorated and ready to bring this solution to the people we met.

We had the opportunity to meet a variety of individuals from vendors, to consumers, to frontline staff to Executive Directors. It was an absolute pleasure to sneak in with these people while taking StaffStat Selfies and providing demos to those that instantly seen the value in our product.

I was humbled to watch Executive Directors mingle with consumers and share ideas about how to increase the effectiveness and caregiving efforts of their organizations. I was impressed that those who faced their own challenges were invited to participate in workshops, visit vendors, and listen to keynote speakers. I was thrilled to learn that the consumers of this organization sat on various boards and councils providing them with the opportunity to share their thoughts and provide their input on the decision making that would ultimately affect their care and those they represented.

I witnessed the passion behind every individual I met over the full day of networking. Everyone we encountered was passionate and shared a common goal; a goal to ensure the facilitation and the full inclusion of people with an intellectual disability in all aspects of life.

Through this I was reminded, once again, of why we do what we do. We are a team of passionate people, providing a solution to others who are equally passionate about the work they do. No one should ever lose the passion and hence the drive behind what they do. When a task becomes mundane and takes away from care, or causes people to lose their passion, something must be done.

I believe that StaffStat provides a solid solution to the management within this sector and other sectors we serve. I believe that StaffStat can be a cost effective way for organizations to alleviate mundane tasks, keep staff engaged and maintain the passion of the organization.

Those who have passion for what they do can accomplish anything. Those who have passion to make a difference are those that I want to associate, serve and collaborate with.

I challenge all decision makers and front line staff in all organization to re-evaluate the tasks, the people or difficulties that may deplete the passion of your company and employees. Do something about it. Make a change in policy or processes. Passion is important to the culture of a company; it is vital to ensure that those within your organization never lose sight of why they do what they do.






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