They’ve Gone Live!


Since I started working in sales, there’s always been a voice in the back of my mind saying, “You know this probably won’t work out, right? You’re not pushy enough to make people want what you have to offer”. Well, I can finally put that voice to rest because my first free trial customer has GONE LIVE!

I may be a little premature in saying that the fear of not succeeding no longer makes sense or that I never doubt myself now when I’m unsure of something, since they are still in a free trial and they haven’t actually paid for the software yet, but, as I’ve mentioned before, I believe in StaffStat and I love its purpose and I know they will too.

I never realized how much of a rush would come from seeing my customers post their first shifts on the calendar. Seeing that multiple staff are interested and willing to work the shifts makes me even happier. Their “going live” came as a bit of a surprise to me since I wasn’t actually told which date they were looking to start using the system, so on Monday morning when I checked to see if there had been any activity on the calendar I was on a high. I wasn’t able to understand why it was so exciting for the other girls in the office to see their customers posting their first few shifts and using the system. I mean, that’s our goal, right? To make sales and get people using the system? Yes, it is. But our goal as saleswomen working for StaffStat is to also present a solution to a major pain point, and knowing that my customer has the opportunity to trial StaffStat and see what a difference it can make for their organization, not only financially and in terms of time savings, but also in the quality of care that their clients and residents receive makes me so happy.

The turnaround and sales cycle is a lengthy one to say the least, which sometimes makes it difficult to stay motivated, but after experiencing the feeling of my first customer going live, I’m itching to feel it again. I was always motivated to do the best job possible, but now that I’ve experienced the feeling of reaching the finish line I’m so much more motivated to connect with new prospects and show them all that StaffStat has to offer. Learning to persevere and practice patience has been the most difficult thing to learn and get used to since starting on my sales journey, but it’s also been the most rewarding.

I have a few other prospects moving down the pipeline and another customer of mine going live next week (eek!). Being able to see that my work is starting to pay off and that this feeling of “yay I did it!” will never end is where I plan on focusing my energy; I will continue to keep my head up and focus on the end goal!


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