Gracious Gratefulness


As I write this blog post I am reflecting and celebrating my two-year work-iversary with Plan A and StaffStat. I actually had to look over to my colleagues and confirm with them that it has really only been two years since I started working for these dynamic companies. In the sense of a calendar year the time has flown by however, internally I feel I have worked with this team forever.

I truly think that I feel this way because this is where I need to be, I have found the ideal fit for employment. I started my journey with Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions in October 2014 and absolutely love the work this organization is doing within our community and across the North East. A little over a year and a half in with Plan A, I was asked if I was interested in transitioning to Plan A’s sister company, StaffStat. Of course, I jumped knowing it would be another amazing experience with much to learn and grow from.

I have been in the role of a Solution Sales Specialist for four months now and have fallen in love with bringing our solution to Long Term Care homes and Developmental Services organizations. StaffStat answers to a large pain point for both sectors and those we present to instantly understand and find value in our product.

Every time I share a demo with a prospective customer I share the story of how StaffStat came to be. The reaction from those I speak to definitely feel the pain point; and quickly understand the ‘why’ behind the service we provide. Within my last blog post I wrote about passion and how important it is for me to love the work I do.

Every time I share a demo, share our story, share our statistics and outcomes, and see the reaction of those I am sharing with I am re-motivated, re-energized and re-inspired. I believe that it is the continued, reciprocal energy that comes from sharing the solution our software brings along with the team I get to work with that has made the last two years go by as quickly as they have. The momentum of these last two years and the success we have had has been so exciting.

Our product has the potential to have global impact, however every single independent interaction with our customers keeps us humble and working hard to improve and please. Our Founder and CEO have worked hard to pave our path we, as a team, celebrate each and every success.

Today’s blog post is a tad of a ramble but a reflection on how grateful I am to have a hand in the changes we are making! We are a small, powerful team from Northern Ontario providing real solutions. I couldn’t be happier or more proud to be part of this vision, our solution and  our stellar team!



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