Dealing With Rejection

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Rejection. It’s the hardest thing I’ve had to get used to next to cold calling. I’m not used to being told, “I’m not interested, please remove me from your list” or, “Please stop calling me”. I think rejection is something that I’ve always feared internally, as anyone does, but I’ve never really had to deal with it on a regular basis until moving into this role.

Part of my job is reaching out to people who don’t know who I am to tell them about a product that they may not think they need. Another part of my job is, not to convince them that they need it, but to explain to them how my product can benefit their organization or company. When I’m interrupted mid-sentence with, “Yeah, I’m not interested”, it hurts.

Our office is small, so if Mel is on her phone at the desk next to mine or if Mandy is on her phone at the desk next to Mel’s, I can hear the conversations that they’re having and they can also hear mine. So when you get rushed off the phone or told by your prospect that your product is not needed, everyone knows. At first it was horrifying! I wouldn’t want to look at them because I knew that they knew, but since then I’ve learned to deal with the rejection in a few different ways. Some of which I’d like to share with you today:

  1. Laugh it off. Not everyone you talk to is going to want your product or service, and that’s okay. What I’ve learned to do is laugh about it – obviously not while I’m still on the phone with them, but you get what I’m saying. Rather than taking it to heart and taking it personally, I have to remember that they have no idea who I am as a person; to them I could be anyone. They are simply not interested in learning more about what I have to offer.
  1. Expect it. When I first started with StaffStat, the rejection stung. I would think about it all day and wonder what it was that I did wrong. Obviously I’ve learned over the past few months that rejection is something to be expected in this field. I would assume that since I love the product that everyone else would too, so why would anyone say no to me? I’ve learned to shift my mindset to make it easier!
  1. Learn from it. Rather than thinking that they are not interested in what you have to offer, do you need change your approach? Maybe that particular customer is busy and your phone call caught them in the middle of a meeting. Perhaps sending an email containing some additional information for them to review whenever they have time would work better. I’ve found that this usually gets the ball rolling because they get to choose when and how the conversation starts!
  1. Ignore the “no’s” and focus on the “yes’s”. Even though a few of your prospects may say no, choose to ignore those and focus on your victories! I get rejected on a daily basis, but rather than focusing on the rejection, I choose to focus on all of those that have said, “Wow that sounds amazing. I’d love some more information” or “Yes, I’d love to book a demo!”.



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