Crush the Creativity Coma


I consider myself a forward thinking and innovative business owner and my focus is not just on keeping up with the trends in my industry, but on leading them.  Dreaming up better, faster and more unique ways of doing things is a big part of that process, which takes work.  To stay tapped into my best creative self and free my mind to dream big, I’ve implemented the following rituals into my daily routine:

Get plenty of rest: GO.TO. BED.  Listen to your body.  If you’re fighting to stay awake, one more hour of work won’t help you, but sleep will.  Studies have proven that people who get 7 hours or more of sleep are the most productive.

Laughter:  It is the ‘best medicine’ for a reason!  I like to laugh often, long, and many times a day.  I simply love to laugh!  In the good times and through the bad times, it is a game changer when you can stay positive through anything.

Relax:  This isn’t sleep…this is doing NON-WORK related things that you really enjoy.  My weekdays are extremely busy but my weekends are focused on my little family, friends and making memories.  It can be a dinner party, participating in our local family skate or date night with my partner.  Whatever it is, my goal is to be in the moment, which means putting work (and the phone) away for the duration.

Listen to audio motivation, inspiration and innovation:  I listen to something that moves me every single day.  Some days it a 15 minute TED Talk and other days it’s a 1.5 hour webinar with Brendon Burchard.   The point is that I want to be motivated every day and audio for me is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to do that.   Some of my other favourites are Gary Vaynerchuk and Dr. Brene Brown.

Surround yourself with like-minded people:  Ideas breed more ideas – simply put.  When you surround yourself with happy, positive people who have goals and who are doing things to charge their life, you have no choice but to be charged up too.  Surrounding myself with people who like to deliberate ideas or discuss solutions is my way of keeping myself excited for what’s to come!

Get out:  A change in scenery keeps me stimulated.  I start my day in my home office and each day I make my way to the Plan A office.  I also use cafés, restaurants, and events as places to connect with people, have meetings or just to get caught up on my own reading.  For me, it keeps things interesting!

Nutritious Eating:  Energy plays a big part in my level of creativity so I am conscientious of what I put in my body.  Lean meats, protein, fresh fruit and vegetables make up my daily choices.  Eating for energy takes discipline but it works!

These are some of the things I do foster creative thinking.  Tapping into your creative side takes practice, but once you do you will express one of the greatest qualities that you have.   When you allow your creativity to prosper, you will find that it’s easier to do exactly what you love to do, and that will excite and challenge you every day.  A bonus is that it inspires the people around you to tap into their creativity as well!



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