I wrote this blog in Timmins, where I spent a couple of days with members of the Sudbury Team helping the newest Plan A owners get ready to open up their doors for business.  There was an excitement surrounding Plan A Timmins and we were warmly received.  The Dean of Northern College’s Health Care programs set us up to meet dozens of PSW, PN and BSCN students.   And our first local client agreed to work closely with us to orient our newest team members.   Plan A Timmins is off to an impressive start!

As we expand into another great Northern Ontario community, I’d like remind everybody about the benefits of working with Plan A.  Not only is it a much needed support service for our elderly and the people who care for them, it’s beneficial for the people on the A Team!  So why is Plan A the #bestjobever?  Here are my favourite reasons:

  • You’ve got your schedule in the palm of your hand!  At Plan A our shift requests are powered by StaffStat – our own custom designed shift-filling software.  Your shifts are in the palm of your hand through our app, phone calls, emails and text notifications.  If you’re free to work then pick up and if you’re not then ignore.  You can work the minimum 3 shifts a month or 13…the choice is yours to make!
  • The ‘no guilt’ factor. Sure, we’ll hold you to your commitment of 2-3 shifts per month, but you’ll pick those up when you want, not because we’ve called you to ‘guilt’ you into picking up!
  • Extra money.  If you’re like most people, you are finding that with your regular job there’s more month to your money.  Our competitive rates can give you extra cash to pad your bank account, pay off your credit card, take a vacation, get ready for Christmas or anything else you have your sights on! With just three shifts per month you can bolster your salary by  $6000 to $14000 a year, depending on your designation.
  • Make a difference for your community.  Our LTC homes have chronic staffing issues, in fact, many of our clients have said that staffing is their most pressing issue.  When our Plan A health care professionals loan their experience to our clients, it directly impacts our elderly and community for the good.
  • Increase your experience. If you haven’t tried it, what do you have to lose?   Working in LTC is completely different than working in the acute care sector or within the community.  It’s a fast paced and rewarding job that gives you a chance to challenge your skills, hone your critical thinking and spend some time with some truly fascinating people.
  • Keep our LTC resident in their homes. Accidents and injuries among LTC residents are most prevalent when there isn’t enough staff to provide care.  There are many studies that show that our vulnerable population have an increased risk of additional health complications once they are hospitalized; these complications begin as soon as they are admitted.  Keeping our elderly in their homes with specialized senior care is the best thing we can do for their health and safety.
  • We have a dynamic company culture. We are a company that prides ourselves in having each and every team player’s back.   We are celebrating aging and staffing across Northern Ontario and our culture is built around the notion that ‘care givers need care too’.  We want to put people in our homes that can make a difference and we are not going to allow you to burn out while you do it.
  • See beautiful Northern Ontario.  You will have many opportunities to work all across blissful Northern Ontario.  Spend a weekend on gorgeous Manitoulin Island and hike the scenic Cup and Saucer Trail after your shift.  Make a trip to Sault Ste Marie and get in some skiing while you’re there.  Or simply make a stop at the Chez Jean-Marc Boulangerie for some of their famous butter tarts and some Quebec squeaky cheese curds on your way home from your shift in Sturgeon Falls.  There’s no shortage of specialty shops and places to visit across the North.  Why not visit them while you’re helping out?

These are just a few of the reason why Plan A is the #bestjobever.  I would love to hear why being part of the A Team works for you!


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