5 Things Harming Your Blog


So you started a blog and wrote a few posts, but you’re just not receiving the readership that you’d like to see. You’re probably wondering, “What’s next? Where do I go from here?”

Many business bloggers make a few very common mistakes when they’re just starting out. Luckily for you, there’s a few easy fixes you can carry out to increase your readership in no time.

  1. Not posting frequently enough. I often visit blogs that, in theory, are very interesting to me. The problem? The blogger runs out of content and I am left waiting forever for new posts. Anticipation is great, however, you shouldn’t keep your readers waiting months for something new. Aim to post at least weekly to increase the number of views on your blog. If you choose to blog less/more frequently, at least try to be consistent with when you are posting. Ex: bi-weekly on Tuesday and Thursday, or weekly on Wednesday
  2. Not sharing your content. If you rely solely on inputting keywords to get your blog seen, you’re missing out on huge potential. Increase the chance of your posts being read by sharing each post across every social media platform your business uses. An additional tip: Stagger the times you share your post. Many of your followers on one site will also follow you on your other platform(s). Don’t bombard them by posting the same blog at the same time on each site.
  3. Not using images. You’re doing yourself a huge disservice if you are not including images in your posts. With all the clutter that exists on social media, photos are often what get people to stop, read and react. Always aim to use at least one visual in each blog, typically placing it at the beginning of the post. Alternatively, you can embed multiple images throughout your post to increase its appeal and to help break up large blocks of text, making it easier to read overall. Want to spice up your blog even more? Consider embedding various types of media—such as videos, infographics, image quotes, GIFs, slideshows, etcetera—into each post. Switch it up—and do so frequently!
  4. Not using effective headlines. Did you know that 80% of readers never make it past the headline? That means only 2 out of 10 people actually read the body of your blog! Shocking, right?! That’s why it is so incredibly important to create hard hitting headlines to entice readers to actually read the whole post. You can read more about that by clicking here. Quick tip: 36% of readers prefer blog titles with a number in them. Generally, numbers refer to listicles and are usually quick to read and act upon. Ex: 7 Ways to Gain More Facebook Followers
  5. Not posting refreshing content. If you are always posting the same content in the same format about the same topic at the same time, chances are your subscribers will quickly become bored. Post a variety of content, such as listicles, guides, infographics, comparison pieces, reviews, testimonials, etc.

Hopefully these tips help make your great blog even better! Good luck!


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