Decision Driven


Decisions, decisions!  Being a business owner comes with a boatload of them.  I make small decisions on a daily basis that through time and experience, have become second nature to make.  There are also many tough decisions that I deliberate and lose sleep over because they are difficult and usually involve people.  And then there’s everything imaginable  (and sometimes unimaginable) in between!   Here’s how I go about making tough decisions:

  • The first thing I do is I make the decision in a timely manner. If a decision is super tough on a Monday it’s not going to get any easier as the week goes by.   The quicker I can make that decision—and with conviction—the better.  Running into the decision stops me from bogging my mind down and clears off my plate so I can get back to dreaming about this vision I’m imagining!
  • I’m true to myself. My businesses are built on a pretty lofty vision and any decision I make for the business is done with a combination of thoughts and feelings, and research and experience.  It has to feel right.  In the past, making decisions based on what other people have said or done has come with it’s own challenges, so I know that when I align my decisions to my core values they will be more effective for me and my team.
  • Trust yourself. I trust me the most to make the best decisions for my organization.  This vision we’re working towards came from me and nobody can see where we’re going better than I can.
  • Make sure you can look at yourself in the mirror the next day. My moral compass is what drives me, and because I follow it I always feel confident that my decision is the best one for everybody involved.
  • Learn from mistakes. Mistakes are going to happen so use them to your advantage.   Some of my worst decisions have come with the most valuable learning, making it easier to make the next tough decision…and the next tough decision…
  • If you have to talk yourself into something, chances are it’s not a good decision. The best decisions come naturally and feel comfortable once they are made.
  • I make small decisions with my head and the bigger ones with my heart. This vision involves many people and each decision affects everybody involved.  Following my heart on big decisions has led to some of the best pivots we’ve had!
  • Seek advice – I’ve been blessed when it comes to mentorship. A great mentor has experience in what you’re going through and will be a valuable resource during the tough times.  Find yourself a great mentor—one who is willing to help you grow as an entrepreneur—and learn as much as you can from them.

The decision making process is never easy, but with practice and diligence you can stop losing sleep and make the process a little easier on yourself and everybody around you!

Happy Monday!


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