6 Ways to Build Your Confidence

believe-in-yourself.jpgConfidence is a mindset and while it may seem difficult to achieve, there are tips and tricks you can use to increase your confidence. Being authentic and yourself is the best self you can be. Accepting your weaknesses and knowing your strengths will place you one step closer to having the confidence needed to feel great in every situation you enter. Incorporating just a few of these tips and tricks will keep your confidence up:

  1. Push yourself. Comfort zones are safe zones and do not breed confidence. Comfort zones breed complacency and stagnant individuals. When we push ourselves it feels uncomfortable but that only means something great is about to happen. If we don’t try and don’t push our limits, life is sure to become quite boring. When you see the rewards of your efforts, your confidence is certainly boosted!
  1. Increase your knowledge. As you increase your knowledge your confidence will increase as well. You will feel confident starting and maintaining conversations during networking events. You will build a trusted audience when you are confident while speaking about your product, service or industry. When you plan and prepare you will enter unknown situations with confidence.
  1. Smile. Confident people appear positive, friendly and approachable. When we smile, our attitude, mindset, and mood instantly changes. We can’t help but feel happy when we smile and when we feel happy we share that energy with those around us. People will be attracted to your energy, thus boosting that confidence once again.
  1. Dress the part. When you feel confident in your appearance you will present yourself better. Maintain a healthy balance so you feel comfortable not only in your clothes but in your own skin. Feeling great improves our self-esteem which in turn can boost confidence.
  1. Have a positive attitude. A positive, optimistic attitude helps increase confidence. When we celebrate our successes, play up our strengths, all the while learning from our failures and weaknesses, we create an environment in which healthy confidence can easily be created.
  1. Work with others who boost you up. When you surround yourself with others who build one another up, you cannot help but feel great. Work with a team and spend time with family and friends who consistently fuel your positive energy. Let their energy, confidence and positive outlook rub off on you.



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