Simple Ways to Go Above and Beyond

Have you ever received awful customer service that altered your impression of an entire organization? Do you want to get noticed by your customers and feel valued for the work you do? Do you want your employees to go the extra mile for your customers? Customer service is so important to the image of a business. In order to get your customer service noticed, it is almost necessary to go above and beyond. Below are some simple tips that help build relationships and maintain a high level of customer service.

1. Value your employees’ efforts. Employees who feel valued and have a sense of loyalty are more likely to go that extra mile and over deliver. Employees who feel inspired and believe they are making a worthwhile contribution will take care of customers, providing them with the care they themselves would appreciate. Lastly, employees who take pride in their work will certainly step up for the rest of the team.

2. People appreciate when others put in even a little extra time and effort. Extras are rare nowadays so you certainly can surprise and win someone over by giving a little extra. You can do this by adding a personal touch such as a hand written thank you note. Whether it is a vendor who actioned a request well before your deadline or a potential customer who made time for you in their meeting agenda to present to their team, learn your customer’s needs and wants and take extra time with those who need it; this will always pay off.

3. People are busy! Your customers are busy and it is your job to stay in touch. It is also your responsibility to make their experience with you as effortless, as pleasant and as easy as possible. Aim to over deliver, instead of doing what is expected; take your service one or two steps further by over delivering your initial promise. 

4. Keep in touch! Once you have scored a commitment to your product, it is imperative to maintain your relationship by keeping in close contact with your customer until they are completely comfortable with your product. Your customer will appreciate the ‘check-in’ and your offer of support. Get creative about keeping in touch; don’t always make it about the sale, instead try sharing articles that are relevant to their industry. Don’t forget the small things!

5. Simplicity. Simple gestures such as returning calls and emails promptly will be more than appreciated; say thank you more than you think you need to. Make it known to them that you appreciate their business and support. 

6. Be transparent and don’t become complacent. If you make an error always take responsibility; avoiding this is a sure way to create a bad reputation. Fix and learn from your mistakes with the understanding that there is always room for improvement. Ask customers for feedback and use this feedback as a mechanism to enhance your processes, procedures or product itself.

Keep your individual customer needs and wants in mind during every interaction and service delivery. Apply these tips and you will surely stay one step ahead and in your customer’s good books!



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