Been There, Done That!

btdtlogoHave you ever watched CBC’s The Dragon Den or it’s American counterpart, ABC’s Shark Tank? One phrase that’s repeated time and time again, regardless of the idea, the product or the service by entrepreneurs is that they thought to themselves: “There’s gotta be a better way!”. Yes, I’m talking about that moment when you’re doing something the long and hard way and you feel that there must be a solution out there somewhere. Sometimes you luck out, you scour the Internet and there it is – exactly what you were looking for. However, sometimes there simply isn’t an answer. When you reach this point, you have 2 options:

  1. Keep doing what you’ve done the way you’ve done it and get the same frustrating result.
  1. Get creative, find your entrepreneurial spirit and build the solution.

For StaffStat, Inc., we exist because our Founder opted for Option 2. She took a gamble and decided that she wanted to build the solution. Beyond that, once it was developed, she determined that others all around us are likely thinking the very same thing: “There’s gotta be a better way!”.

We’re told frequently that assembling the team that we’ve put together for StaffStat, Inc. is pretty unique. Words like ‘lucky’, ‘serendipity’, and ‘fate’ are often thrown around. Here’s my take: the reason our team is so passionate, so amazing and so cohesive is because every single person that makes up our team started out working for the health care staffing agency that created our product (Plan A).

They’ve all felt the pain point. They didn’t just learn about the software and move on to cold-calls.   Each person that sells our software, not only understands that the people they’re talking to calls down the list every single day but they get it. When we give a demo online or in person, the person who’s currently stuck calling down the list at any organization lights up! They are thrown that we have the ability to do what takes them an hour in just a few minutes. That elation and joy when the people on the other end of the phone get our automated call, our text, our email or our app notification during a demo is something we can relate to. I still remember sitting with our developers when they showed me the telephony platform and that first call came through. I still remember getting that first text and thinking: ‘staff are so going to respond to this system’.

That’s what differentiates us. Every team member has experienced the hardship of calling person by person. We’ve all been on call and carried a binder around. We can all remember getting calls while at events and having to step out to take care of filling a shift. That’s what I love about the people I get to work with every day. No one is ‘faking it’. They genuinely understand the impact and the difference our product makes each and every single day.

Last week, I took the time to tell you our story. The best part of the story is that everyone who works for StaffStat can tell it from a 1st person standpoint. We know the difference it can make because it impacted our first business. Sheri can walk in to any environment and let you know how StaffStat will impact your bottom line, your processes and the morale in your organization. Mandy can tell you how staff responded to the system and the difference between calling them 3 times/day vs. sending out notifications via the system and connecting with them how they want to be connected with. Tessa can talk to you about how StaffStat allowed her to focus on recruitment rather than spending any time calling down the list. As for me, I can tell you about the relief you feel when you’re on call and you can reach all of your staff in under 3 minutes, knowing you’ve done everything you possibly can to help out a home that otherwise would be left working short.

It boils down to this: having the ability to take that impact and deliver it to others is a gift and every single one of us on our team not only believes that but knows it.



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