Daily Twitter Routine

daily-twitter-routineIf you’re new to social media marketing, you may easily become overwhelmed and feel like it’s a huge time commitment to get started and maintain. Wrong! While social media obviously does require dedication (just as any task in your business does), there are many great tools and tricks available to become more efficient when managing social. In today’s post, I figured I would provide you with a few daily actions you can take on Twitter to increase your brand’s following and spark engagement.

  1. Tweet your own content. Do this once daily at the very least; share a photo from an event, a blog post, information surrounding enhancements to your product/service offering, etc. Doing so will not only help build your brand, but it will help keep your feed current and fresh.
  2. Re-tweet at least 1-3 times daily. This step is easy and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. Use hashtags that are relevant to your industry, product, service or brand. If you’re in software, search something like #TechNews, #SaaS, #Software, etc. You should be able to find reputable content that aligns with what your business is doing. Once you find something you like, click the re-tweet button, and add your own personal opinion as a comment (A.K.A a quote Tweet); this will ensure when others search for your content or content related to what you re-tweet, they will see your thoughts which can help position you as an expert for that specific subject matter.
  3. Reply to others. If someone re-tweets your unique content, thank them for doing so and spark up a conversation by tweeting back to them. Hint: if you begin the Tweet with the individual’s @username, not everyone will see the Tweet. For example, “@StaffStatSuds I love filling shifts in seconds!” will be seen only by users who follow you and the user you are mentioning. Adding the username anywhere else in the Tweet is called a mention and the Tweet is visible and public to all. For example, “Wow! I love using @StaffStatSuds to fill shifts in seconds!” will ensure the account mentioned and all others will see your Tweet.
  4. Follow. Don’t just go on a mass-following spree and follow celebrities, satire news websites or every one who followed you first. Make sure whoever you choose to follow is relevant to your business. Don’t feel bad for not following back every single person who follows you, because chances are they’re just hoping you follow them back to increase their count. Instead, follow industry leaders, influencers, news sites related to your industry, organizations, associations, etc. A helpful hint: visit your favourite Twitter user and check out who they’re following and who’s following them as there’s a good chance they are your target audience. Try to follow 10 – 15 people per day; some of these individuals will likely follow you back and because you’re following relevant people, you’ll be engaging with those who matter in relation to your brand.

Try to incorporate these 4 tips to make better use of your time on Twitter. Think of Twitter as an investment into your business and commit to the 15 -20 minutes that this routine requires daily. Want to learn more about Twitter?  Consider reading my other posts about this amazing social website:

Good luck!

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