Mindfulness While We Prepare for the Holiday Season


How many of us are frantically running around exhausting ourselves with our holiday to-do lists? Is it really necessary? Will our incessant planning really make or break the holiday season? While some planning is needed as we enter the holidays, we do need to remind ourselves that being mindful is what is necessary; mindful of holiday spending, mindful of the expectations we place on ourselves and mindful of the moment.

Christmas has become very commercialized and there is no sign of this slowing down. Trying to keep it simple has become increasingly difficult. Most parents have to juggle working, planning for and preparation of the holidays, and if the stress of it all wasn’t enough, we now have to remember to transition a silly little elf EVERY. SINGLE. EVENING.

The holiday season comes with much expectations, however, we are in complete control of what we decide is important and worthy of our energy. There is no absolute rule that over-planning, over-scheduling and over-indulging is necessary during the holidays. We tell ourselves we’ll rest up in the new year, when in reality the new year comes with even more expectations on ourselves.

If we can just take a moment to step back and remind ourselves of what is most important during this time of year. If we can also take a further step back and remind ourselves that there are some people who do not find comfort in the holiday season, some who go without and some who do not have others to share the festive season with. If we can find balance within the holidays, a balance of giving and celebrating while being mindful of the realities around us. Taking time to volunteer your time to those in need, teaching your children about giving to others in a non-monetary fashion and instead teaching them mindfulness and to devote some time to making someone else happy.

Remove yourself from this frantic time of year and indulge yourself in the moment and magic of the season. Spend time with loved ones and be grateful of everyone’s presence as opposed to the presents that come with the holiday season. Annual holiday parties should include reminiscing on the year, recalling the quality moments and being grateful for what we have! Enjoying the time, the moment, and giving back is what warms the heart and thus is the ultimate gift.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2017!



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