Don’t Forget to Play!

DSC_7136.jpgI am just getting back to work after a week away, and boy am I eager to get going!  I feel energized, I’m brimming with ideas and busting at the seams with energy.  I love what a week away can do for my mind, my body and my creativity.  Vitamin Sea is just what the doctor ordered!   I feel great and here are the reasons why:

  • My mind got the rest it needed.  Being an entrepreneur involves long days, challenging situations and smart decisions.  You are always operating in overdrive to come up with and execute all of those amazing solutions.  It’s not unusual to feel mentally exhausted after a few months.  I didn’t go completely off the grid and I don’t think my mind would have rested if I was.  I did give myself an hour or so a day to check email, respond to texts, read the paper and post pictures on Facebook but after that was done I was back to being in the moment.
  • Connecting with my family. Being an entrepreneur means out-of-town travel, late nights, running into fires and responding to a crazy amount of emails, texts and calls.  Unfortunately, sometimes life gets the best of me and I forget to take time to ‘smell the roses’.  Getting away and connecting with the most important people in your life is fun and fulfilling.  The family that plays together…
  • A change of scenery. Home, school, work, repeat.  A change of scenery is a good way to get the ideas flowing.  Stimulate those senses and watch the ideas flow!
  • I gotta be me. For one whole week, I am just me.  I am not a boss or a business partner, a mentor or a mentee, a volunteer or a board member, a client or a consultant.  For one whole week, I am makeup-less, running around in a bathing suit, mastering underwater tricks with my 9-year-old and drinking mimosas for breakfast.  It’s refreshing to let loose with not a worry about anything except what you’re going to eat next.
  • I get to see how solid my team is. My team was challenged and empowered and motivated to run the business like they own it.  By getting out of their way I was able to see how far they’ve come as a team and how connected to the vision they are.  I believe that every team needs a leader, but by getting out of their face for a week I saw them thrive with the vision and I also saw them drive the vision.  They did a superb job and I look forward to using the experience to further develop our team.

Vacation, stay-cation or road trip – use rest, connecting with loved ones and fun as away to boost your creativity too!

Happy Monday!


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