Why You Won’t Find a Debbie Downer at StaffStat

Negativity happens everywhere and with the vast amount of information we have continuous access to, negativity can be difficult to escape. Whether you are tuning into the news or checking your social media news feeds, it is inevitable that you will bump into some sort of negativity. It is so easy to fall into a slump of negativity because it actually takes effort to remain positive. I am happy to say that I work in an environment that does not focus on the negative. While we certainly do not walk around with rose colored glasses on, we are very aware of how our thoughts drive our actions and ultimately help us achieve our goals.

With the culture of our company I can assure you that you will not find a Debbie Downer or Sour Sally in our office. Some tips on how we maintain this are listed below:

Energy. Our team has great energy and it is easy for some to gravitate towards it. It is impossible to be in a bad mood when you enter our office doors. The energy, vibe and the people create an atmosphere of fun and positivity where the ideas, productivity and hard work easily flow.

Culture. Our company is built on a strong foundation of values that have led to the culture that encompasses our team today. The maintenance of this culture is important and each team member contributes individually ensuring that our place of work is a place we want to be in. Our culture also emphasizes self care, which is vital in the maintenance of positive energy. We all practice self care in different ways; however, it is always a priority.

Team. You may have heard it before, but every team member has been hand-picked and added to our team. Every single team member has invested into the vision of StaffStat; we know the value in our product which drives us to bring our best every single day. We are all part of this team because we want to be and the team and environment are so energetic that it barely feels like work.

Solution Focused. When a problem or obstacle presents itself our team quickly shifts to the solution. We recognize the problem, accept it and quickly move on to problem solving. Energy is never spent focussing on the negative; energy is valuable so why spend it on pessimism or negativity?

Life is far too short to spend any of it in a state of negativity. For some, the workplace is a place where the majority of time is spent, therefore, it must be a happy place. We have certainly achieved that in our offices!


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