7 Offline Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business

2016-08-23-1471986466-7526518-marketingstrategiesHave a handle on your social media and online marketing efforts? Looking for ways to reach those that may not spend a lot of time online? Look no further! Here are a few suggestions for you:

  1. Publicity. If you have an interesting story behind your brand, get in touch with the media for an opportunity to receive some free publicity. Unsure if you have a newsworthy story? Consider the following: Do you have a new product or service that is launching? Did your business recently win an award? Are you involving your community in some sort of initiative? There are many great moments that can be turned into a story, so try connecting with key media contacts and get your story out there!
  2. Use influencers/endorsements. If you have a great product or service, get it into the hands of key players (for free). Once you reach those locally, try to think bigger and reach out those who may benefit from your business’ offerings and spread your brand’s message on a larger scale.
  3. Trade shows. Attend trade shows related to your industry as an exhibitor to get your business out there to the masses. Some conferences may seem costly, but they generally provide a great return on investment. If you can’t afford a booth, register as an attendee as it can prove to be a great networking opportunity!
  4. Print materials. Create your own flyers, coupons and other marketing materials for virtually next to nothing using software such as PowerPoint or free online web-editing tools such as Canva and print them yourself at a local print shop. Hand your materials out wherever your target market frequents to make them aware of your business and consider using coupons to entice individuals to actually purchase your products or services.
  5. Direct mail. You can also use content that you create as a form of direct mail to send out to those in your target market. This method isn’t as expensive as many think, and if you provide great content (such as offers, coupons, etc.) you may receive an outstanding response from your target market!
  6. Networking. Join local clubs and associations related to your industry to meet with individuals who can help you in your business endeavours. You may meet some great mentors and you may connect with someone who may directly benefit from your offerings or may know others who might.
  7. Giveaways. You can use social media for this one in tandem with another initiative. If you’re attending a trade show, use social media to drive traffic to your booth with the promise of a giveaway. Likewise, you can advertise a giveaway occuring at your business, i.e: purchase two items to be entered into a draw. If you’re creating print materials to handout, create a call-to-action and use the giveaway to create interest and entice individuals to learn more about your product/make a purchase/visit your store etc. Get creative!

I hope you consider implementing a few of these strategies if they make sense for your business. Good luck!


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