Image Matters


It’s true – your business image matters.  It’s a reflection of what you do and how you do it – and that goes for both your company and the individuals who work within it.  The way you present yourself has a profound impact on how your customers view your service.  And even though your body language and how you dress plays a part in your business image, the are many other ways you can bolster both your personal and business brand.

Here are some of the things that I have focused on to build our brand:

Hire people who care about themselves:

If you visit our office, you’ll find that we have a pretty solid team of people who not only care about the vision but who also care about themselves.  When people care about themselves they put extra attention into their work, the relationships they have with their co-workers and the empathy they bring to the team.  Our office is small and one big ego can really shake our office up which is why we are very picky about who we hire.  I often say ‘there’s a look’ to the people we hire and that look is happy!  A happy team = a successful dream!

Make sure your online presence is consistent:

Our marketing manager, Megan, works diligently to get our message out there through different web platforms.  She has created oodles of online advertisements and they all communicate the things we value as a business and a team:  positivity, attention to detail, high standards, a sense of humour, connecting with people, creativity, professionalism, and of course our mission – making sure our elderly have access to the best care we can give them.  Have a look at your message – what does it say about you?

Have a solid identity:

We know exactly what we do and who we do it for.   There is a monomaniacal focus in our business – our goal is to be the number one back up plan for the Long-Term Care sector – more importantly the people who live and work there.  By having this intra-sectoral focus we’ve been able to create a solution that has proven to work and we have been able to carbon copy it across our province.  This has not only contributed to building our branding but it has also helped us to build a solid relationship with our partners that will continue for years.

Get out there:

Of course, we are very busy working but I do my best to introduce our ‘A’ team to as many people as I can.  Last week we did some team building through a curling bonspiel and next week we’re all attending an International Women’s Day breakfast. I value my team and the work they do and I can tell that they feel it when we are around new people.  They ‘bring it’, authentically, every where they go and with everybody they meet.  Each team member is truly a ‘brand representative’, which encourages other people to want to join our team!

Your image, your brand, your identity – it all means the same thing – and once you develop it, it is really hard to change.  These are a few things I do that have helped grow our brand, but it didn’t happen over night.  Take your time building it and don’t skimp on what’s important to you.  Discover your niche, identify what sets you apart and build a team who believe in it and you’ll be on your way to building a business brand that is top-notch!

Happy Monday!




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