She-E-Oh Unplugged: Part 1/3


For some, it’s an easy concept: book your vacation time, take off and never give work another thought. For me, it’s never been something I’ve been comfortable with. Whenever I go away, I get the best package available from my provider just to be sure that I can stay “plugged in”. I check my email 2-3 times per day and the feelings I leave with (worry, guilt and anxiety) are sure to make my Personal Energy Coach, Louise Bergeron, cringe. But why?

It’s not a reflection of our team, of that, I can assure you. I know I’m leaving StaffStat in the best hands possible. Our team is filled with the ‘cream of the crop’ and I know that they can handle anything thrown their way. Whether it’s customer service, a sale or heaven forbid, a crisis, I know in my heart of hearts that they can handle anything. 

It’s not a control issue (ok, maybe it is, a little). However, at the end of the day, I know that me being gone for 5 days isn’t going to make the earth stop spinning and it’s certainly not going to mean that the sky will come crashing down on StaffStat. 

And, there it is, a little self-talk (or self-writing in this case) to remind me that everything will be just fine without me being present or available for an entire week. 

I see those videos—you know the ones I mean… people losing touch and the opportunity for some real organic and meaningful conversations because they’re looking down at their phones, their iPads or their laptops. I watch Black Mirror on Netflix and I get the commentary… most of us are slaves to this magical thing called the internet. We get an email and we have to respond NOW. We get a text and we need to pick up our phones to make sure we don’t miss anything. Yes, I get it! Yet, sadly this is who I am. I have a need to respond quickly, to action out items right away and ultimately, get things done before someone asks, “hey, did you handle that situation?” I have a living, breathing fear of letting people down and to be quite honest, I’m exhausted.

Everyone has been telling me that I need a break, I need to get away. That means two things: not only do I look like I need a break but also, I’m wearing my fatigue and my stress on my sleeve. THAT isn’t good for anyone, especially me! Usually when someone says, you need a break, I fluff it off and think to myself; “whatever… I’m fine”. Not this time! For the first time in my working life, effective Monday March 6th at 4pm I’ll be completely unplugged until my husband and I come back from our vacation on Friday, March 10th. 

My email will be monitored and the company will be fine. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. I’ll be able to ‘unplug’, shut down and know that anything that needs to be handled either will be without me or will get my full undivided and rested attention upon my return.

She-E-Oh, out!


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