When in Doubt


If you’ve been following our franchising journey then you know that Plan A is now up to 6 locations across Ontario – with inquiries coming in every single day.  Who would have thought?  It is so exciting to have people see how important and relevant and forward thinking our business model is and want to bring it to life in their own community.   Our franchisees are all in different stages of their business.  Some are just building their pool, others have signed their first contract and are just waiting for the fun to begin, one has just signed her fourth contract and another just bought their second franchised territory.  It doesn’t matter where you are in the stage of this game, the rules are the same.  Below is my advice to our franchisees and anybody else who is thinking about bringing our inevitably successful tech solution for LTC to their area:

Trust – We’re not claiming to be perfect but we have been doing this for 7 straight years.  We’ve experienced the good, the bad and the ugly when bringing our business to life.  You started this journey because you trusted.  Keep on trusting.  We promise, you’ll get there.

Patience – This is a huge one.  Our clients are not buying a pair of shoes (which can happen in seconds if you’re me).  They are engaging in what could be a life-long contract between you and them if you do it right.  Many of them are learning just as much as you are about staffing and they are obligated to make sure the process is as seamless as possible for their staff and residents alike.  Be patient.  They are dealing with unions and boards, regional directors and the even higher ups.  They have a lot on their plate and although one of them is us, they are putting out a multitude of fires every day.  They will get there with you but you have to be patient.

Stay Cool  – Starting a business is an emotional roller coaster…especially when you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing.  Make sure to be the master of your own emotions.  As the president of our franchise we are all doing our best to help you get your business going but you have to keep your cool.  Find ways to manage your emotions such as exercise, reading some motivational reading, get in touch with our life coach, etc.  Learn to control your emotions or your emotions will control you.

Accountable – It’s nobody’s job to make your business successful but you.  Turn every bump into an opportunity for learning and ask yourself ‘what can I do better the next time?’.  At the end of the day our business model (as techy as it is) is about people – for people – from people.  Learn to put the onus on yourself and your game will swiftly change.

Focus on Solutions – Let problems become the foundation on which great ideas for your company are born.  We’re a solution-focused organization and believe that there is an answer to every problem.  Don’t look at every problem as a step back, rather look at it as a way to get two steps forward!

Get out in your Community – Unless you’ve already opened a business or two in your community, you are a stranger to the business world.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone and find every opportunity to get to know people in your community.   Join your local Chamber of Commerce, become a Toastmaster, attend events, do some volunteer work, introduce yourself to your local innovation mill, get into your post-secondary institutes to connect with professors and teachers, send out a press-release, etc.  People need to know you first before they will start trusting and referring your business.

Starting a business is never easy but we’ve proven that if you follow what we do you will be successful.  So take our lead, keep the above in check and you’ll be off to the races in no time!

Happy Monday!


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